WWE Chooses For the Fans. NXT, Divas, and Seth Rollins PLUS Top 5 Things Ryback Ate

I love picking on marks because most of them are “experts” in the wrestling business. They know that guys like AJ Styles, Neville, and Cesaro are a license to print money. I totally agree with them that if JR can talk Vince into hiring AJ Styles, he will have a great feud with Rollins. No I don’t believe that at all, but WWE could listen to the fans more. Sometimes I think WWE’s ideas happen because Vince thinks it’s hilarious, and he’s insane.

Look at the shit they do with NXT guys. We thought Ascension would debut as Kane’s evil new tag team, instead they just debut two LOD clones, and keep Kane busy playing wacky grandpa. I had heard the Ascension had decimated their opponents. The only cool thing about them is the Michael Graves’ makeup. Bo Dallas was actually getting over with “Bolieve”, and so they have R-Truth, of all people, pin him. Everyone loves Leo Kruger, and they’re given Adam Rose. Adam Rose is taken off TV so he can return as Leo Kruger finally, and WWE debuts Pastel Censor Adam Rose. Has Adam Rose been on any other show besides Superstars? Doesn’t matter, this is an example of WWE screwing with fans just because. I’m glad Kevin Owens, and the recent NXT Divas have been allowed to be a success, but WWE could’ve made everyone a future draw.

Speaking of fans liking NXT Divas, fans want women wrestlers that can work. WWE decides to push Eva Marie and Lana because the fans love Eva Marie, and because Lana’s skills are non-existent. Eva Marie gets bitched about more than any other talent on the wrestling pages and comments. The only people that get bitched about more are Dixie Carter, and Karen Jarrett. If you notice the fans are trying to tell us that these three don’t belong here.? I also feel a lot of it is misogynistic and most comments from rape weary teen males, but it couldn’t hurt to get them off tv? I think Dixie has a right to be out-there because she bankrolls TNA, but I don’t know why Karen Jarrett was ever put on tv? My point is that fans want workers as far as Divas go. WWE knows this because Nikki Bella was improving because were telling her to bring up her workrate.

Did anyone want Lana to split from Rusev? Did anyone want Rusev to turn back to being Ludwig Borga? No, nobody wanted that. Being from Bulgaria isn’t the same as being from Russia. Being from Finland is not the same as being from Nazi Germany. See because Finland was part of the Axis Powers in World War Two? I will pay good money to watch Lex Luger beat the shit out of a Nazi sympathizer, and I paid good money to watch Rusev get beat-up by Cena. I actually wanted Rusev to kill Cena, but that’s why this is Forever Heel.

As I watch Raw right now WWE is screwing up another thing that fans hate. The Authority neutering Seth and Kane. Fans want a heel champ that doesn’t gets to wear a dunce cap whenever The Authority come-out. Again, compare the Rock, as Corporate Champ, with Seth as corporate champ. Vince was sort of afraid of the Rock, and Seth is afraid of a part-time wrestler and his wife? This is wrestling, people like watching wrestlers beat-up authority figures. What is so hard about this? If I owned a wrestling fed, and people hated me, I would totally take bumps if it draws. That won’t happen though…or will it? No, I’m screwin with ya. Although it nearly did.

Anyway this isn’t the Chris Hatred Show, this is about WWE telling the fans, “We listen to the fans…unless you want Dean Ambrose on TV more, or you don’t want to buy a billion John Cena shirts, or you want Sting to win a match, or if you want Dolph Ziggler anywhere near the main event. Hey, you like Cesaro? Too bad, we stopped listening to fans an hour ago, but we still have Cena shirts for sale.” This shit has nothing to do with PG, or WWE wanting to look professional. It’s about the McMahons cutting off the finger that they used to keep on the pulse of America.

So, who wants to listen to my boring wrestling ideas?…I thought so, you dicks.


Oh, I wanted to mention that I know Braun isn’t Xanta Clause, and the reason, in my pic, I’m holding a book on “How to Write Horror” over my face is because I never noticed I’m using the wrong book. The book covering my face was supposed to be a Heel Hall of Fame book. I can’t find that book now, and you all know what I look like. I’m so white looking that Seth Rollins’ girlfriend would ditch him for me.

I hate Raw…

Top 5 Things Ryback Ate.

5) Bubba Dudley’s shorts

4) Daniel Bryan’s cookie wrappers. Seriously, Daniel Bryan leaves wrappers and empty water bottles everywhere.

3) Brian Lee. What happened to that guy?

2) The Seventh Dragon Ball.

1) WWE’s integrity. I hate you guys 😉

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