Amazing Spider-Man #1 Spoilers & Review: Who Are The TWO Villains Set To Tangle With Marvel Comics’ Primary Wall-Crawler?

Amazing Spider-Man #1 hit stands today as part of Marvel Comics’ All-New All-Different Marvel branding. There are 62 new series so far launching post Secret Wars 2015 despite that book shipping issue #6 today of a now 8-issue mini-series.

Spoilers and review follow for Amazing Spider-Man #1.

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The book is long and with different back off stories sets up several of Marvel’s Spider-Man universe tentpole series that are part of All-New All-Different Marvel Comics. I won’t go into those teasers, but I will focus on the opening story and the last story, both of which set up stories into the future of Amazing Spider-Man for Marvel Comics.

Peter Parker is now someone who has embraced his adulthood and his role as a Captain of Industry as head of Parker Industries. He is almost like Marvel’s hipper Iron Man since he isn’t always required to be in the suit any longer! In fact we have Hobie Brown, the Prowler, in one of the costumes!

Amazing Spider-Man #1 spoilers review Hobie Brown Prowler

Prowler Hobie Brown Marvel figurine

Plus, he is more firm in his convictions now and stands up for himself with his employees. However, there is a big bad villain returning in the future. However is he a friend or foe?

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Amazing Spider-Man #1 spoilers review 1

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That’s right, Doc Ock! Most recently the Superior Spider-man and before that Doctor Octopus!

We also read at the end of the book that villains being sent to a new super-prison or being selectively screened for bigger badder intentions by, to my eyes, a new villain.

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Who is Regent? What does he want? He looks very imposing for a typical Spider-Man villain.

The book ends with ye olde letter page.

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So, what did you think of the issue? Will you be staying on for this new era of Amazing Spider-man by his storied collaborator, writer Dan Slott?


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