JR Blog: Brock Lesnar “Underutilized”, Paige/Natalya Match “Booking Helps No One”


Jim Ross had a new mid-week blog, here are some highlights

on Kane
I’m enjoying the Kane creative because I remember where Glen was 18 years ago when he debuted in St. Louis as Kane. I’d love to see the Brothers of Destruction reunite in 2016 for some tag matches against, for example, heel Dudley’s. Nice nostalgia, solid wrestling and it extends the shelf life of all involved. Of all teh guys that I hired back in the day Kane has to be one of the great overachievers and him developing his personality will help him in all phases of his life. A class act who can’t get enough attention in my biased eyes.

on Brock Lesnar
Thought Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were somewhat underutilized Monday night in a subdued, or so it seemed, Boston. Why can’t a disrespectful heel wanting to make a name for himself interrupting a Heyman promo and then Lesnar then takes matters into his own hands and woodsheds some poor bastard to provide the fans some hint of physicality? The Taker vs. Brock HIAC match is tepid at best since their Summer Slam match which had a unique finish that isn’t talked about enough IMO.

on Paige/Natalya
Just when the WWE women were beginning to evolve it seemed like Monday night was a throwaway night for them in many respects. Who is being pushed, for example, Paige or Nattie? 50/50-like booking helps no one. Paige had the strong promo but seems to have lost her ‘buzz.’

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