This Week in Adult Cartoons (Rick and Morty, Bob’s Burgers, South Park)

This is a recap of the adult cartoon shows I’ve been covering from this week. Hopefully as we go along, I’ll be covering more shows. But for now, we have Rick and Morty, Bob’s Burgers and South Park. Let’s take a look back on what this week had to offer.

Rick and Morty

Hooo-we! That was quite a finale, eh? Some real shocker moments that totally opened up the universe in some crazy ways! First, we got an inside look into Bird Person’s back story and his relationship with Rick and the Federation.

Then, we got the shocking scene of Rick opening up about the people he cares about. Followed by a surprise betrayal from an ancillary character.

And then, best of all, we got to check back in with Mr. Poopy Butthole! He’s not dead! Though he still is in recovery…

For more, check out my full review for the season finale of Rick and Morty!

Bob’s Burgers

So while we say goodbye to Rick and Morty, let’s welcome back (for it’s sixth year) Bob’s Burgers! The FOX cartoon favorite has returned with a, well, kinda meh premiere.

Sadly, there are no clips to be had, so you’ll just have to check out the full episode!

And check out my full review for the season finale of Bob’s Burgers!

South Park

Unfortunately, it was a blackout week for South Park, but the show will return on October 14 with an all new episode. Until then, enjoy the clip from last week’s episode below!

Check in next week for another recap!

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