Why You Should Be Reading… Image Comics’ Tokyo Ghost!

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Hey hey everyone, here we go again with another addition of WHY YOU SHOULD BE READING…

As always I hope you all had a wonderful week and happy comic book reading… Since last week we discussed what I like to call a reference guide/ book I figured this week we would get right back into the swing of comics. Not only did I pick what I think is a really promising title, I’m suggesting this right after reading the debut issue. I just can’t shake my feeling of being struck with mass intrigue by this next title, and to think at first I found it a bit hard to follow, but after some persistence and a clarifying closing article from the writing team, things are starting to come together. On the other hand, I will say my confusion actually sucked me into this read even more, that and in the first panel we see and interesting close up of a vinyl record, which is a music medium I’m personally obsessed with.


Continuing my interest and reading the first few pages, you are blasted with panels which are full of nice colors, abstract art which compliments the scenes, some violence and even an interrogation. Sprinkle in some cool vehicles, the presence of a futuristic setting, and extreme attention to detail by the art team, and you have a wonderful engaging start of a story to enjoy. Once you get over the oddity that is this comic, you began to notice all the hidden gems when you read between the lines. Re reading the issue you will notice some of the gems will begin to pop once your eyes are used to the art that is laid before you, trust me its really darn cool, and makes for a great reading experience.

tokyo3Tokyo ghost is set in the much distant future, where we see the repercussions of humanities obsession with technology. Humans have fully committed to living in the digital reproduced world that is fixated on eliminating as much connection to the real world as possible. Most do this to continue ignoring the crumbling world around them, zombified to the present, and enamored in a never ending cycle of fantasy. This is a clear exaggeration of our current society, but an exaggeration that could very well become fact in the generations to come. Following our main characters, Debbie Decay, and Led Dent, we see them navigate this world on what is being referred to as a last mission. Debbie and Led work for an agency that enlists them with the tasks of capturing criminals, the catch is Dent has completely fallen a victim to the ills of the futures world’s connection to ether, straining his partnership and love life with Debbie. As the glue Debbie holds them together, but she to is also experiencing the burden of being the only one in the city not sucked into the very ether that has consumed her love, she has been strong enough to do without but continues to feel the toll of her lovers disconnection. It seems she feels she has lost the one person her loved away the pain she now possesses by living in this disconnected hell hold.


Now I’m keeping elusive and simple with the plot because honestly, being confused by this comic and piecing it together is part of the fun, and I want to make sure I stress some other things I loved about reading this first issue. The first is LANDSCAPE, LANDSCAPE, LANDSCAPE. The setting for this comic are absolutely phenomenal, and what I mean by landscape is the amazing detail put into creating the world this comic is based in. Seeing all the gritty streets in the background and questionable behaviors going on, really give us an idea on what kind of world our characters our living in. Add all the hidden gems in adverts, and other references allows for a lengthy analysis in each panel, and if you love spotting the less obvious plan on having a good time with this one. Dialog is also something to marvel at, and with such a strong female lead such as Debbie, it makes for a interesting narration and viewpoint as you turn each page. The art just compliments the feel, and if you are fan of works such as, Judge Dread, or any futuristic style movie, I think you will enjoy this quite a lot.


Well everyone, I don’t want to say too much because as I’ve stated this is one you should read on your own, but I feel I need to drive home the point of how impressive this first issues came out. The plot seems to be unpredictable, yet enough to show they have plenty of story to explore here, and with such a unique story they have all the room they need to knock this series out of the park. Make sure you pick this up and take a gander, and as always we will chat next week.

Keep on Keepin on, and thank you for checking out WHY YOU SHOULD BE READING…

-Grainbelt Jones

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