Superman: Lois and Clark #1 Spoilers & Review: Can DC Comics’ Pre-Flashpoint Superman Co-exist With DC New 52 / DC You’s Younger Superman?

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Spinning out of Convergence, DC Comics has launched Superman: Lois and Clark #1 kick-off a series that integrates the older pre-Flashpoint married Superman and his wife Lois Lane into DC Comics’ New / DC You core universe.

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During Convergence we learned that a de-powered Clark Kent, Superman’s alter ego, impregnated his wife. During their Convergence two-shot Lois Lane gave birth to their son Jonathan Kent. It is now several years after that and Jonathan is in elementary school and the pre-Flashpoint Superman is operating under the radar from the world; not even the New 52 / DC You Superman knows another Superman exists.

Spoilers and review follow for Superman: Lois and Clark #1.

The book opens with a recap of the events of Convergence as well as showing how and why Superman came to the decision he did to shield his identity from the world including THIS world’s super-heroes. We also see what happened after the pre-Flashpoint Superman went back in time at the end of Convergence to foil the Anti-monitor and prevent the Crisis on Infinite Earths from destroying the multiverse.

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Superman has seen that this world is different from his; the world didn’t trust Superman or its heroes years ago so he decides to help in secret.

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We also saw in the free preview pages DC Comics released, per the two pages below, that the pre-Flashpoint Superman has been around since the formation of the Justice League and their first battle with Darkseid in the DC Comics New 52.

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In the current era / modern day 2015 of the DC Comics’ DC You universe, an older pre-Flashpoint Superman is having power fluctuations. These are unexplained so far. We also learn that he is concerned that Hank Henshaw, who became the villain Cyborg Superman on the pre-Flashpoint Earth, will become a villain on this Earth and he tries to prevent that.

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However, on this New 52 / DC You Earth / universe, the Cyborg Superman is actually Supergirl Kara Zor-El’s father Zor-El!

Hank Henshaw’s pre-Flashpoint Cyborg Superman #1

Cyborg Superman Hank Henshaw GLC

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Cyborg Superman Zor-El

On this Earth, it looks like Hank Henshaw’s fate will be different. On this world he appears alone on his doomed ship; his family is not with him. Will he become hero, villain or un-powered supporting character?

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Lois Lane is also doing good in secret. She is using her investigative journalism skills under an assumed name to expose Intergang!

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The cliffhanger page to the issue sets up next issue’s space borne challenge for Superman and also teases more Intergang for Lois!

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Overall, a compelling issue that answered some of the logistical questions readers would have about the pre-Flashpoint Superman vis-a-vis his DC New 52 / DC You counterpart. Not a whole lot with Superman’s son Jonathan Kent yet.

Compelling story and great art. A satisfying debut issue for the return of a fave of fandom.

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