Lucha Underground’s Second Season Changes WWE Plans


It has been confirmed that, prior to LU’s announcement that there will be a second season, WWE was very interested in some of LU’s top names. Ricochet/Prince Puma and Angelico were said to be on top of WWE’s list. There was particular interest in Ricochet since, while he travels a lot, he already lives in Orlando, FL and is roommates with current NXT star Apollo Crews. Furthermore, WWE/NXT felt he could easily and rapidly be pushed into a series of matches with Finn Balor.

The problem now is that Ricochet/Prince Puma is under a seven year contract will LU and that NJPW has also planned to do some things with him (Ricochet will be part of the 2015 Super Jr. Tag Tournament, more on this later). That being said, if LU doesn’t come back for a third season, things will obviously change again.

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