This Week in Adult Cartoons (South Park, Bob’s Burgers)

This is a recap of the adult cartoons I’ve been covering from the past week. Unfortunately, Rick and Morty has ended for the season (and for, like, another year and half, probably) so for now it’s just South Park and Bob’s Burgers. Let’s start with South Park. 

South Park

After a blackout week, South Park is back. And Cartman (along with most of the town) has become a “professional Yelper,” which basically means giving shitty reviews to local restaurants. So when the son of one of the restaurants Cartman has panned starts attending South Park Elementary, you can imagine his reaction.

But by the end of the episode, all the Yelpers get their “just desserts.” This was probably the best scene in a mediocre episode. It’s always a blast when South Park decides to go the musical route.

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Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers had it’s second episode of the season on Saturday. Tina discovers the identity of “Ghost Boy,” a graffiti artist who’s been spray painting pictures of ghosts all over town. Tina decides to help him instead of turning him in. She doesn’t want to be an unsalted pretzel.

Meanwhile, Bob and Linda have to deal with the town putting the Porta Potty’s for the Land Ship festival in front of their restaurant. Poor Bob. Things never go his way.

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Check in next week for another recap and stay tuned throughout the week for more adult cartoons. And if you have any other cartoons you think we should be following, comment below!

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