John Cena On ESPN, Jonathan Coachman’s Top Moments


WWE United States Champion John Cena appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter tonight with Jonathan Coachman. In his weekly segments, Coach gave WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day the top one-liner award for The New Day knocking the Dallas Cowboys. The top move was given to Cesaro for his running uppercut train on Sheamus. The top post-match award went to Dean Ambrose attacking Braun Strowman with a kendo stick, Braun slamming Dean on the floor and then Roman Reigns diving out.

Cena thanked Coach and called him one of the biggest names in WWE history. Coach compared Cena to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Cena just joked about it. Cena also talked about his work with Make-A-Wish, saying those experiences mean the world to him. They also discussed WWE’s partnership with Susan G. Komen and NXT, with Cena calling NXT the linchpin of WWE’s future. Cena called NXT a fantastic program, second to none. Cena asked if the next John Cena is in NXT and Cena it’s not about finding the next John Cena. Cena talked about it’s important for the NXT stars to find themselves before they get to the main roster so they don’t have stage fright.

Cena thanked ESPN for supporting him and told Coach not to be a stranger, to wrap the segment up.

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