JR Blog: Says Austin, HBK “Done” Wrestling, Questions WWE Creative for 2 Hell in a Cell Matches, WWE Women “Should Be Booked Like the Men”



Jim Ross had some interesting thoughts after Raw, here are some highlights

on Austin-Lesnar podcast
Thought the Austin-Lesnar piece of business after RAW was good stuff. Both men very natural and at ease with each other which indicates significant mutual respect between to mega stars. If you heard it you heard both Austin and Lesnar being themselves which was refreshing. Organic, pro wrestling presentations are fleeting these days or so seems to me. Good conversation between two of our greatest signees. Great insight as to who Brock Lesnar the man truly is.

on Hell in a Cell matches
Why is it necessary for WWE to have two Hell in a Cell matches this Sunday in LA? The PG product has almost evolved away from HIAC matches to start with and having two on the same show lessens what the Taker vs. Lesnar HIAC match can or cannot do in the main event. Bottom line is that HIAC isn’t a PG entity or at least that’s my take on it. Neither is the Elimination Chamber. The event in LA is sold out

on John Cena US Title Open Challenge
Big question is will John Cena anoint someone in the US Title Open Challenge? Great spot to do so with Cena leaving for several weeks after Sunday’s show. Cena will be on ESPN tonight with Jonathan Coachman at 9/8CT.

on Austin
Austin has been adamant to me that he’s done with being a wrestler just as Shawn Michaels has repeatedly told me. I believe them both. There’s nothing left to prove for either of them plus WWE needs to elevate younger talents and not rely on alums to any significant degree. That might necessitate step or two back but over the long haul it will pay significant dividends. What younger talents will on a much needed roll?

on WWE Women
Not sure that the current crop of WWE Women will fully reach their potential until they are declared as fan favorites of villains. Lots of potential in this grouping of talents. They should be booked like the men. Why not?

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