JT’s 10 Thoughts on NXT – 21 October, 2015 (James Storm, Asuka, Enzo, Cass and Carmella)

10 Thoughts, Top Story

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1. it’s NXT time and we kick off with Asuka vs one of the NXT Australian contingent, Billie Kay. Solid match with Billie getting in some decent offense before Asuka kicked the crap out of her and taps her out with the cross face chicken wing (which they really need to give an Asuka appropriate name)
2. Tyler Breeze calling out Samoa Joe is like a poodle calling out a pit bull. Could be briefly entertaining, but probably won’t end well for the poodle.
3. Speaking of briefly entertaining, it’s Enzo, Cass and Carmella, and Enzo really rushed through the ‘realest guys in the room’ bit tonight. They’re facing Dash & Dawson, also known as The Mechanics or the Office Bowling Team. I think Enzo and Cass have grown a bit stale, but D&D have shown some promise and this has the potential to be a good match.
4. And just to prove I know nothing about wrestling we immediately get a bullshit finish, followed by a fairly weak beat down from the Mechanics. FTS.
5. Sorry about your damn luck, James Storm is in NXT! Like recent acquisitions Ciampa and Gargano, he gets to keep his indie name. Storm is up against NXT jobber Danny Burch, who puts up a decent fight before getting hit with the 8 second ride for the Storm victory.
6. Some sloppy moves from Storm here, along with moobs and a beer gut to rival the Sandman. Come on, cowboy! Don’t you know Vince likes six packs?
7. Nice Apollo Crews package, allowing WWE to show some classic footage along with some nice indie stuff of Uhaa Nation. This kid has almost unlimited potential, and I look forward to his match with Finn Balor in two weeks.
8. Alexa Bliss vs Peyton Royce brought out the second Aussie Diva for the evening, but I don’t think her fate will be any better than her compatriot. Bliss works the arm as the Dubstep Douchebags hang around outside the ring like a bad smell, and Bliss eventually picks up the victory with the sparkle splash. Pretty good match, with Peyton getting in some offense and Alexa showing some growth. Just don’t give her a microphone, for fucks sake…
9. Baron Corbin vs Rhyno is our main event, and I must admit that I don’t hate Corbin as much as I did six months ago. Putting him with Rhyno was a good idea, and this is how legacy talent should be used in the ring, to train and put over younger wrestlers.
10. Overall a pretty good episode of NXT, missing many of the major stars but giving us some sweet Divas action and the debut of an indie favorite.

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