JR Blog: Hell in a Cell 2015 Predictions for Brock Lesnar/Undertaker, Cena Open Challenge, Interesting Note On 1993 WCW Exit



JR Blog: Hell in a Cell 2015 Predictions for Brock Lesnar/Undertaker, Cena Open Challenge, Interesting Note On 1993 WCW Exit

Jim Ross had a blog to preview Hell in a Cell 2015, here are some highlights

on Cena Open Challenge
WWE has a golden opportunity, no pun intended, to do some water cooler talk-like business this Sunday at the HIAC event in Los Angeles in the US Title Open Challenge offered up by the title holder John Cena. The table is perfectly set for a challenger to take a giant step in becoming much more relevant if they defeat John Cena for the United States Title. Cena is and will remain WWE’s biggest, full time star no matter the outcome of Sunday’s US Title match but what Cena can do is elevate a talent into the much needed main event sphere of WWE. With Cena stepping away from WWE for a few weeks to apparently tape a new TV show for Fox, or so I’m hearing, giving another wrestler the ‘rub’ elevates the new champion and gives Cena a destination, if desired, when he returns.

on Lesnar vs. Taker match
Been asked a lot about the outcome of the Lesnar vs. Taker match inside HIAC Sunday and I see Brock winning. Could there be a strong piece of creative waiting in the wings for this match? Will another competitor, or more, get involved? Could Lesnar AND Taker both be left down at the end of Sunday’s show or does that simply defy logic? That could help ‘make’ multiple heels to a large degree. If Lesnar wins and there is an opportunity, do the two warriors shake hands at the end of their battle? No matter the extracurricular stuff than may transpire, I’ve got Lesnar winning the match.

on Tyler Breeze’s debut
Enjoyed antagonist, Tyler Breeze’s debut Thursday night on Smackdown and the Lance Storm Wrestling Academy product has some viable, old school traits that WWE should be able to monetize. Would WWE be so bold as to have Breeze upset John Cena to become the new WWE Champion Sunday in LA? Stranger things have happened in the biz over the years.

on WCW in 1993
Contrary to most folks’s thinking, I could have stayed at WCW in 1993 but taking a shot with WWE was too good an offer to turn down and ended up being the smartest move I ever made in my professional career. 21 great years in WWE and I left with no regrets or remorse.

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