This Week In Adult Cartoons (South Park, Bob’s Burgers)

This is a recap of the adult cartoons I’ve been covering from the past week. For now it’s just South Park and Bob’s Burgers, though I’m happy to take suggestions for shows people would like to see covered. If there’s an adult cartoon you feel should be getting some exposure, comment below. Let’s start with South Park. 

South Park 

After a so-so episode last week, South Park is back with an excellent episode, this time about shaming and allowing people their “safe spaces.” In this first clip, Randy is shamed to give to charity at the newly minted Whole Foods in South Park.

We also got possibly the best musical number of the season so far, starring Cartman, Steven Seagal, Randy, Demi Lovato, Vin Diesel, and PC Principal. It’s just… just watch.

But finally, Reality crashes the party and brings a little bit of, well, reality to the proceedings.

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Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers also had a great week with their first Halloween episode since Milly trapped the kids under a truck. Bob and Linda have set up a haunted house for the kids. I don’t want to give too much away, but here’s a clip of Linda trying to scare the kids. Unfortunately, there is no sign of Dr. Bobenstein in this clip, which is really just a bummer.

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Check back next week for another recap and check in throughout the week for reviews!

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