Brock Lesnar Defeats The Undertaker – Full Match Results and Wild Video Clips



Hell in a Cell
Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman vs. The Undertaker

Lesnar comes out first to a big pop. Undertaker comes out to a full entrance. They both get into the ring and the match starts. Physical brawling as the crowd does dueling chants of Undertaker and Suplex City. They move to the floor and Lesnar sends Taker into the fence. Brawling continues and Taker tosses Brock into a ringpost, and Brock is busted open. Lesnar is gushing, a total crimson mask if you will. They move into the ring and Lesnar has a chair. He is really covered in blood.



A doctor comes into the ring and Lesnar slumps into the corner to get checked out. Taker is selling on the floor. Lesnar back up after the doctor OK and attacks with the chair on the floor.

Back in the ring. Taker does a stunner of sorts sending Lesnar’s neck onto the top of a chair. Taker appears to also be bleeding.


Lesnar hits a suplex. Taker back up and punches Lesnar but Brock turns it around into a German. And a third. Brock is dominating. F5. And another F5! Undertaker kicks out. Lesnar goes to the floor and grabs the STEEEEEEEEL steps. Bongs them into Undertaker’s head with a loud noise.

Covers but Taker kicks out. Lesnar goes to attack with the steps again but Taker knocks him back and the steps fall onto Lesnar as he falls. Taker locks in the Hells Gate. Lesnar is fading in the middle of the ring. Suddenly Lesnar pops up and pummeling Taker with strikes.

Taker is on his back and Lesnar starts going crazy and ripping up parts of the ring mat and padding. Undertaker sits up. Lesnar has exposed some of the boards under the mat. But Taker grabs Brock and hits a chokeslam on the exposed wood.

This is Awesome chant. Lesnar is up and goes for Taker, but he grabs Lesnar and hits a Tombstone on the exposed wood! Covers but Lesnar kicks out to a HUGE pop. Both wobbly. Lesnar hits Taker with a low blow. Lesnar hits the F5 on the exposed wood and covers Taker for the pin.
Winner: Brock

After the match, Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar exit. The cage lifts and Undertaker is down for a while. Eventually he gets up and the crowd does a huge “Thank You Taker” chant and pops as he exits.

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