Classy Ring Attire #193: “Star Wars Trailer in a Cell”

We finally get to do that thing where we can run down the card of Hell in a Cell and make predictions, but really all we wanna do is talk about that amazing Star Wars trailer that premered on a different channel while Raw was on.

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Links to things we plugged in this episode

Chris’ short film about the disappearance of an Undertaker statue, which is his fantasy football league’s trophy. Features an original score created by Pulse’s own Kue.

Also, the children’s vampire book made by Joel and his brother, Davis, is now available on Amazon!

This wasn’t mentioned in the podcast but I wanted to include it: Joel also wrote a Star Wars-themed version of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” called “The Night Before Star Wars” and was illustrated by our friend Scott. That too has been released on Amazon!

Comment below with all of your Hell in a Cell thoughts for next week’s podcast and what are some of your theories on the new Star Wars trailer?

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