Dolph Ziggler on Tyler Breeze’s Main Roster Debut, Ups And Downs With WWE


Dolph Ziggler recently spoke with The Phoenix New Times and had the following to say about Tyler Breeze’s main roster debut and their feud:

“I look forward to anything, any kind of challenge, anybody new coming to the roster, anybody that wants to say, ‘Hey, I’m better than you,’ or younger or faster. Well, let’s see what you got and let’s see if you can hang with me. I’m someone who’s very open to new challenges, down to do whatever. And it seems like he’s pretty good, good head on his shoulders, seems like he knows what he’s doing, and he’s been working really hard for a long time. He used to pick my brain, actually. So I gave him a couple pointers and I hope he can hang in the ring with me, and if he can, he’ll be on his way to a hell of a start.”

On his start and stop WWE pushes:

“I mean, everything I do motivates me to work harder, whether I’m champion and can’t defend it or lose the first time I get it, or win Survivor Series and just have to work my way back up from the bottom. It’s anything. That’s how the business goes. It’s ups and downs, just like the entertainment industry. You want to be on top, you want to be the best, and if you’re not there, you’re striving to get there. And everything that’s happened is always driving me to be better. And when you know you’re as good as I am, you know its going work out one way or the other. The cream rises to the top. If you’re good, you’re good, and you’re going to be.”

I've been following wrestling for almost 30 years now, and the metal scene for even longer. And let's just say that all that head-banging has left me with some weird ideas that i will share with you from time to time. Aren't you glad?