10 Thoughts on South Park – Tweek X Craig

Well, that was an odd one. Continuing along in this PC themed season, we have the first episode so far that has no scathing critiques of any people or groups of people. In this week’s episode, a new group of Asian students has arrived at South Park elementary and have brought with them a new art form called Yaoi. In their art, they depict the loving, tender relationship of… Tweek and Craig. Who are both straight. But that doesn’t stop the whole town from tripping over themselves to let the boys know how proud of them they are.

Here are some thoughts.


1. Poor Leslie

At the beginning of several episodes this season, PC Principal has held assemblies to explain some new PC thing to the kids. This week, it was Asian art. As he was about to start, he pointed to the crowd and shouted, “LESLIE, SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH.” I believe this is the third time Leslie has been called out. It is quickly becoming my favorite running joke this season.

2. Butters neck brace makes the clean, subtle connection to last week’s episode

Last week ended with Butters jumping out of a two story window. Given the trajectory of this season, I was worried that perhaps Butters had died (only to be resurrected somehow because, c’mon it’s Butters). Instead, we see him in a complicated neck brace for the duration of the episode, without anyone acknowledging it. Continuity: check.

3. PC Principal gets funnier with every passing week

Him explaining affirmative consent to Tweek and Craig was gold. “Say that Craig wants to take a gander at Tweek’s asshole.” Sure, he’s sort of a one note character, but somehow he gets more compelling every time we see him.

4. “Our town has only had a Whole Foods for three weeks and we already have gay kids!”

The town of South Park seems to really be backwards in a lot of ways. It often seems like their new found embrace of PC culture seems rooted more in wanting to be part of a trend than actually wanting to be open minded. This is perfectly summed up in the faulty correlation made in the above quote. The joke that Parker and Stone seem to be making is that the people of the town think that there is a checklist that needs to be completed in order to be part of the PC community.


5. The Book of Love

Okay, so I’m calling foul on this one. Over a montage of the town gaining strength and courage from Tweek and Craig’s relationship, this song was played. It was an exceptionally manipulative moment that worked really, really well. I felt myself getting a bit of a lump in my throat. The point wasn’t really to make a joke about how the town saw Tweek and Craig, but more about how even though they weren’t together, they were providing something important for the rest of the town. I will NOT cry because of a gay cartoon relationship that isn’t even real. I will not. I will…. *SOB*

6. This is actually kind of beautiful

This week’s episode did something that South Park has shied away from over the years: it allowed us to be a little sentimental. At the end of the episode, Tweek and Craig decide to pretend to stay together. Not for themselves, but so the rest of the town could be happy. That’s sort of a breathtaking sentiment for fourth graders. It’s always a pleasant surprise when Parker and Stone decide to let their guards down, just a little bit.

7. The return of Cupid me

Well, it’s been a few seasons, but it’s nice to see Cupid me peeing into unsuspecting victims mouth’s again. This time around, Cartman summons the weird little cupid to get Craig and Tweek back together. But things take a turn when Cupid me insists that Cartman and him start dating. An admittedly weird left turn in the narrative that ended up going to some surprising places. More on that in a minute.

8. Tweek and Craig Yaoi is a very real thing

Apparently, this episode was inspired by actual depictions of the relationship between Craig and Tweek that have permeated the internet. There is a contingent of South Park fans who really like the idea of the two getting together, so Parker and Stone decided to do an episode surrounding that idea. They even asked fans to do some images for the episode. All the art we see throughout the episode: done by fans. That’s pretty cool.


9. The Tweek and Craig Song

So the episode ends with a montage of the town watching with joy as they see Craig and Tweek “get back together.” The president of China sings a karaoke song with live-action versions of the boys frolicking through a park. It was the third song of the episode, and at this point, the joke had become clear. Yes, the gesture the boys were making was sweet, but every one else in the town are basically emotionally idiots. The show drives this point home by playing yet another song designed to tug at our heart strings, although this time, the lyrics are explicitly mocking us and the people of South Park for getting emotional over this sham of a relationship.

10. Is… is Cartman gay?

Cartman finally gives in and goes on “a date” with Cupid me, which apparently consists of Cupid me giving Cartman a massage in the nude. When Cartman isn’t thrilled with the massage, Cupid me giggles, saying he knows something Cartman will really like, and proceeds to tickle his asshole. Cut to: Cartman’s mother opening up the the bathroom door only to see her son masturbating and saying “Oh, yeah, Cupid me” under his breath. She closes the door, humming to herself, and goes downstairs. End of episode. So what are we supposed to take away from that? Is Cartman actually gay? Or is his ego so big, that he can get off to the idea of having sex with a smaller version of himself? Honestly, I’m gonna have to go with the latter.

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