More Details On Alberto Del Rio’s New WWE Contract


Alberto Del Rio reportedly signed a reduced-date contract with a $1,450,000 per year downside guarantee.

Several sources state thatWWE went to the table with a big offer because they felt they needed a big Hispanic star.

AAA was not able to match WWE’s offer. Del Rio,  who is still AAA’s Mega Champion, wanted to keep a good relationship with AAA while still keeping his WWE return a secret and told AAA officials Dorian Roldan and Konnan about his decision on either the evening of October 24th or the morning of October 25th, which was Hell In a Cell Sunday. Del Rio claimed then that the deal was just put together and finalized, giving the impression that he would finish up his scheduled dates. AAA was understandably disappointed but it appears there are no hard feelings.

Del Rio reportedly pushed for WWE to allow him to finish his scheduled dates. AAA had plans to do Del Rio vs. Jeff Jarrett in a hair vs. hair match on December 5th at Guerra de Titanes but that has now changed. AAA is under the impression that Del Rio would be working the November 2nd show in Nuevo Laredo instead of WWE RAW in Denver, this coming Monday. If that does happen, it’s because Del Rio insisted.

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