Throwback Thursday: Bang 3:16 (Stone Cold Steve Austin, Vince McMahon, Attitude Era)

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In the Attitude Era, when Vince McMahon actually knew what the audience wanted and Stone Cold Steve Austin was the big name in the company, there were more serious matches, more dangerous moves and much better feuds. If WWE could go back to this the fans would be happy but the PG rating most definitely means that a lot of segments from the Attitude Era simply would never happen now.

Perhaps one of the best examples of this is the Bang 3:16 moment when Stone Cold had Vince McMahon begging for his life in the middle of the ring.

The backstory here is that Vince McMahon, like he so often did back then, fired Stone Cold for defying him. Vince, in a mocking tone, said to Austin “McMahon 3:16 means I’ve got the brass to fire your ass!” Stone Cold was fired and Vince was celebrating being rid of his rival but we know it didn’t end there.

In retaliation Austin kidnapped McMahon and held him captive for the night. When Austin did bring Vince to the ring it was to further humiliate the boss. Vince, in tears, begged and pleaded, apologized and sniveled.

Austin’s response? Telling Vince that he made Austin sick. Austin, building off rage, pulled out a gun and held it to Vince McMahon’s head. The crowd watched as Austin pulled the trigger and a comical little flag popped out with the words “Bang 3:16” written on it.

McMahon, in shock, shakily stood back up which prompted another great moment from Austin. Seeing what had happened, as the cameras panned in a little more, Austin crowed “McMahon 3:16 says I just pissed my pants!”

McMahon, embarrassed and apparently soiled, was given a stunner and a double middle finger salute. Austin played to the crowd as Vince languished on the mat, the arena cheering his downfall as they usually did during any Austin/McMahon moment.

Most fans loved this segment, a few said it went too far and a few were disappointed that McMahon didn’t get more than a stunner and wet slacks (although, I hope they weren’t hoping for an on-screen murder…)

The entire Bang 3:16 segment can be found here or on the WWE Network, it’s a moment featured in the network show Rivalries during the episodes on Vince McMahon v. Stone Cold Steve Austin.

What did you think of this segment?

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