Key Personnel Change On Destination America, Possible Consequences For TNA And ROH


While the future of TNA Wrestling on Destination America is still  uncertain, The Wrestling Observer is reporting Destination America General Manager Mark Etkind recently left to accept a similar role with The Science Channel. Etkind is being replaced by Jane Latman.

It was Etkin who made the call to eliminate all wrestling from Destination America. With him gone, Latman will now be evaluating all programming on Destination America and will make decisions based on those evaluations. TNA and ROH’s saving grace might be that they both do above Destination America averages in terms of ratings, which might be enough to convince Latman to keep them both on. However, it should been noted that the main issue Destination America has with TNA are not the ratings but rather the cost involved in producing Impact.

As of now, TNA Wrestling is expected to be off Destination America in early 2016, and Ring of Honor’s deal with DA expires in December. While no official announcements have been made regarding the futures of either TNA or ROH on DA, about a month ago an advertiser tried to buy wrestling time on Destination America for early 2016 and was told DA would not be airing any wrestling programming at that time. It should be noted this took place before Jane Latman took over the role as DA General Manager.

 Pro Wrestling is said to be a very low priority within Destination America, so much so that it’s hardly spoken about amongst higher-ups at meetings.
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