Jerry Lawler Involved In Head On Car Collision This Week-end, Update On his And His Girlfriend’s Health

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler was involved in a head-on car collision on Halloween night. According to reports, everyone involved in the accident will be OK, albeit Lawler’s girlfriend did suffer some injuries. Officers from the Memphis Police Department determined the other driver wasn’t under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and she was simply cited for running a red light.

Lawler himself made the following statement to

“I’m fine, but Lauryn is pretty banged up. We had taken care of the trick-or-treaters and went for pizza right near the house. We were coming home to catch the end of the University of Memphis game. I was sitting at a red light at a busy intersection not a minute from my house. I got the green arrow to make a left turn. I started making the turn and I saw the car coming, not slowing down at all. The driver ran a red light.

Lauryn was in the ER for four hours. Her face is really, really swollen on the left side. They also put her in a leg brace and knee immobilizer. I think she has a concussion because this morning when she got up, she fell down and saw stars and black spots.”

Below, you will find a picture of the crash posted by Lawler himself.