Jim Ross Wonders Why WWE Didn’t Feature Some Young Talent In Undertaker/Wyatt Angle, Talks Missed Opportunity

In the latest edition of The Ross Report Podcast, Jim Ross wonders why no-one came out to help the Undertaker at the end of Hell In A Cell, during the Wyatt angle. He feels that was a missed opportunity by WWE:

“If you’re like me, you’re wondering why didn’t somebody, some kid, some young star, come out to help the Undertaker after all the Undertaker has meant to the [professional wrestling] business. Wouldn’t you think some of those young bucks would come out and try to help Taker and then get shut down by the bad guys? It would give the Wyatts somebody to work with because they aren’t going to work with the Undertaker every week on [WWE Monday Night] RAW.”

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