10 Thoughts on…. WWE Monday Night Raw 11.02.2015 (Paige, Roman Reigns, Tyler Breeze)


Roman Reigns Promo: A decent promo, it’s obvious Reigns does better on the mic when he makes his point quickly. Seth Rollins came out to get in Roman’s face and The Authority followed, telling the men to pick four partners for a survivor series match to take place that night.

Dolph Ziggler v. Kevin Owens: Owens and Ziggler had a great match all while using Tyler Breeze & Summer Rae at ringside to spur on Ziggler & Breeze’s feud. Ziggler looked strong but with the distraction of Breeze and Summer Owens took control back and picked up a win. Seeing Breeze and Summer further humiliate Ziggler will give this rivalry some fire as it heads to the next pay per view. Here’s hoping creative doesn’t mess it up between now and then.

Cesaro v. The Miz: This was a random match thrown together for the sake of giving each man some TV time. While they both deserve TV time give them a good story, with each other or not just give them a reason to be in the ring. A match for the sake of having one is as useless as not having the match at all.

Bray Wyatt Promo: The WWE was doing alright with this Wyatt v. Undertaker & Kane thing until last night. While I respect both Kane and The Undertaker I feel that both men should be looking at retirement, not a drawn out feud. This feud, especially after last night, looks to be heading the way of Wyatt’s last feud with the Undertaker. Wyatt doing the talking while Taker lurks in the shadows. The cheesy pyrotechnics and lighting may have worked when the Undertaker first started out but not in 2015.

Lucha Dragons v. King Barret and Sheamus: Seeing two bigger guys lose cleanly to two smaller, high flyers was a nice change of pace. Perhaps we’re seeing a shift of WWE allowing the Lucha Dragons to be taken seriously. It was a good match overall and something we will hopefully see more of.

R-Truth v. Alberto Del Rio: After seeing Swagger question Zeb Colter backstage I smell a feud in the air between Del Rio and Swagger. Seeing Del Rio put right back into a mid-card match was concerning as the US Champion had better challenges when Cena was holding the title. Hopefully this match was just a pit stop on the road to a better feud.

Becky Lynch v. Sasha Banks v. Paige v. Brie Bella: A step up for the Divas last night as the number one contender spot for the Diva’s Championship was put on the line. I, for one, was pleased to see Brie Bella in the spotlight rather than her sister and I wonder if that will play out among Team Bella. However, with Team B.A.D. absent from ringside it makes me wonder if the Diva Teams are done for. And perhaps, that’s for the better. Paige picking up the win will continue her feud with Charlotte and hopefully we’ll see a good stretch of Diva’s matches again after the recent downward slope.

Team Reigns (Roman Reigns, The Usos, Ryback and Dean Ambrose) v. Team Rollins (Seth Rollins, The New Day and Kevin Owens): We saw Seth pick his teammates throughout the night but Roman’s team was a secret until the music hit. Seeing Reigns smirk each time a partner of his came out showed his confidence in his team. Seeing everyone, especially the New Day, freaking out at the sight of the returning Usos was entertaining. Two early eliminations of New Day members Woods and Kingston made Reign’s team look like they would steamroll their opponents that night. Team Rollins came back to eliminate the Usos back to back. Ryback eliminated Big E with the Shell Shock and Rollins used the Pedigree to eliminate Ryback. Ambrose eliminated Kevin Owens with the Dirty Deeds. It was down to the former Shield members when Rollins, in a panic, hit Ambrose with a chair, disqualifying himself. Reigns retaliated with a Superman Punch that sent Rollins out of the ring and back up the ramp. As Rollins shouted “Looks familiar, doesn’t it?” after his chair shot to Ambrose fans booed, drawing the perfect heel reaction. The setup for Survivor Series was looking good and I hope that, as long as things stay on even keel, we’ll be well set up for the next pay per view.

This wasn’t my favorite Raw but it had great moments that could further push feuds and improve the standing of the superstars involved.