10 Thoughts on NXT – Apollo Crews, Finn Balor, Asuka

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1. The Full Sail University crowd is pumped tonight, and well they should be with Apollo Crews vs Finn Balor as the main event.

2. Kicking off the action with Asuka vs Cameron is a good start, and the crowd get into it with an ‘Asuka’s gonna kill you’ chant. Cameron puts up a decent fight but eventually taps to the Asuka Lock. Side note: can we find Cameron some slightly larger pants? Her current outfit leaves very little to the imagination.

3. It’s funny to see Carmella in full guido mode after seeing her as an eager student on Breaking Ground this week. I’m starting to like Dash & Dawson a bit more, but I somehow doubt I will ever refer to them as ‘the greatest tag team on the planet’.

4. Bull Dempsey is back for some reason, and he’s going up against half of generic tag team #76, Angelo Dawkins. Bull gets a small chant, presumably from the overweight and beardy section of the crowd. Bull wins with a top rope butt splash, which has to be better for his long term health than the diving headbutt.

5. The Vaudvillains are good on the mic and entertaining in the ring, and it’s great to see them get a title run. Can they make it on the main stage with this gimmick? Not so sure…

6. Bayley and the Hype Bros is a good combination, and I think I like Bayley even more after her brief appearance on Breaking Ground this week. By the way, if you’re not watching Breaking Ground, you should be. It’s the second best show on WWE TV.

7. Ah, crap. It’s Eva Marie. I get that she’s working hard and has an interesting look, but she can’t take a bump for shit, her offense is laughable, and her finisher looks like it wouldn’t hurt a five year old. Skills over looks, please NXT.

8. It’s awesome that they’re giving the main event a good 20 minutes, and I’m looking forward to see what Crews and Balor can do against each other. The crowd chants ‘This Is Awesome’, and I have to agree.

9. Highly enjoyable match between the former indie superstars, until that total waste of space Baron Corbin comes out and ruins everything. Fuck you, Baron Corbin, and your freaky belly button too.

10. And just for fun Samoa Joe comes out and kicks the crap out of Finn Balor. Without a doubt this was the best episode of NXT in ages. Nice work, kids.

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