Hercules #1 Spoilers & Review: What’s Herc Up To In The Post Secret Wars 2015 All-New All-Different Marvel Comics?

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Hercules, one of my fave Marvel heroes along with Ares, gets his own series under the All-New All-Different Marvel Comics banner from writer Dan Abnett and artist Luke Ross. I had high hopes for this book because of the titular character and the creative team.

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Spoilers and review of Hercules #1 follow as part of All-New All-Different Marvel Comics.

Hercules in the post Secret Wars 2015 world is a hero for hire who works out of his apartment with Gilgamesh as a freeloader. Two boys come for Hercules’ help.

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One of the kids believes his mother is seemingly unknowingly dating a monster. And, the kids were right!

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During the battle with that monster revealed includes a haunting visit from Athena that sets up a future story line.

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We get back to the battle where we see that Hercules embraces 2015 tech along with his more medieval weapons. And, with both, the monster is defeated.

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On top of that, Hercules rushes off to fell a Sea Monster at the request of the United Nations’ Secretary General!

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The book ends with Hercules confiding in Gilgamesh about Athena’s ominous visit and he belief that challenges are ahead.

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This first issue by a very competent creative team felt, despite the action, slow and plodding. There were good character moments, but the monster Hercules tackles for much of the issue is not particularly threatening or interesting. The Athena subplot seems compelling, as does Hercules hero for hire gig with freeloading Gilgamesh. The tease of Hercules #2 seems to signal that the action picks up next issue.

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I was underwhelmed by this issue despite loving the titular character and most times enjoying the work of its two creators. Fortunately Hercules #2 looks like it will be fun and action-packed; I may give this series one more issue to wow me.

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