Jerry Lawler On Still Working The Indie Scene, The Current WWE Roster, His Legacy

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler recently did an interview with Here are some highlights:

On why he still enjoys working on the indie scene:

“With WWE, it’s such a big operation. Most of our shows, it’s just impossible to have that kind of close interaction with thousands of fans at a show. I really enjoy doing the smaller shows. I do these at least once or twice a week still.”

On the current WWE roster:

“The company is in good hands because there’s so many young, good superstars out there who are on the rise. I don’t have any doubt that there’s going to be some major stars developing over the next few years.”

On his pro wrestling legacy:

“I honestly feel that the success that I’ve enjoyed was just something that happened to me. I never even think about how I’ll be remembered or if I’ll be remembered.