Jim Ross Blog: JR Doesn’t Think WWE Should Bring Cena Back Right Away

Good Ol’ JR posted a new blog where he tackles the Seth Rollins injury, the upcoming tournament to crown a new WWE World Champion and the John Cena question:


On Seth Rollins being injured and WWE’s tournament to crown a new champion:

“WWE Champion Seth Rollins is going to be out of action likely around 9 months after blowing out his knee including his ACL. Rollins will be stripped of the title as I understand it and a tournament will be held to crown a new, WWE World Champion, which should be positioned as a HUGE deal within the WWE. When a bad break occurs within the pro wrestling business it always opens the door for, at times, the most unlikely individual to step up and assume the mantle of the company. How the creative minds address this issue is going to be pivotal including who actually are entered into the tournament which I assume will be a single-elimination format whereby the winners advance and the losers take a seat much akin to the NFL playoffs or March Madness in the NCAA hoops tourney. That puts a sense of urgency on every match which should , by all rights, create some excellent TV.

There are SO many ways that WWE can come out ahead on this unfortunate matter.”

On bringing John Cena back:

“Finally, the last thing that I would do is to put John Cena right back in the mix. John deserves some time off, and WWE deserves to put some of their other talents in line to grow and to become main eventers. This entire situation is one of fate and now it’s up to WWE to reshuffle the deck and hopefully come out of it with a winning hand where more than one talent is advanced.”

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