JR Blog: Seth Rollins Injury, World Title Booking Scenario, Prediction On Brock Lesnar Early Return


Jim Ross had an interesting take on the Seth Rollins situation

on booking scenario
Consider this: Rollins comes to the ring on RAW to give up the title. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are both there, originally at the Authority’s surprise, to realistically show some respect to their maligned, misguided former teammate but Reigns and Ambrose end up assaulting Rollins at the bequest of the Authority who feel that Rollins has let them down due to his injury that he suffered in Dublin this week.

on Brock Lesnar
Will the Authority stack the deck in the tournament by making one bracket weaker than the other? Will the Authority influence the officiating? Will Lesnar be a participant? I’d say hell, no to that one.

on Roman Reigns
By the Authority’s henchmen doing the dirty deed to Rollins, Seth is essentially a crippled man at this point in time, turns fan favorite and his journey to regaining his health and career can be documented nicely on TV which builds valued anticipation for Seth’s return perhaps as early as Summer Slam. Think HHH a few years ago and his amazing ret to action at MSG was quite the moment.

With the Authority’s help, Reigns sells out, becomes the exalted pawn of HHH & Stephanie which then leads to Lesnar, who was excluded from the tournament, entering rhe Royal Rumble and winning it sitting up fan favorite Lesnar vs. villain and Authority rep Reigns at WrestleMania Texas.

on Dean Ambrose
If one wanted to to, Ambrose could think that he was in on the plan only to be assaulted by both Roman Reigns and HHH to make Dean Ambrose a hot, fan favorite and an instant rival of Reigns and the anti Authority fan favorite ala Stone Cold with which I think the fans would gravitate.

on another totally new talent
Or…another totally new talent ala a Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, etc could shock the world and win the top title in the game. This might be the most popular option among some fans as it would create a new champion, preferably a fan favorite, who would have the Authority on his case which might freshen up the authority figure storyline that’s been around for years.

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