Why You Should BE Reading… Reality Of Wrestling’s GI BRO!


Hey everyone, more groovy times ahead with another addition of WHY YOU SHOULD BE READING…

I hope everyone had a decent Halloween and everyone was safe while enjoying candy, parties and scary vibes. For this weeks addition I thought I would do something kind of random, I’m still working on my article about hip hop and comics, so I figured for this week I shall chat about comics and pro wrestling. For those of you who don’t know I also write about Pro Wrestling on the Inside Pulse site, but lately due to Lucha Underground being on the off season, and WWE being, well to put it bluntly, shitty, I haven’t been doing much in the world of wrestling writing lately. Its not that I don’t have plenty to talk about with WWE and other products, I just would like to be interesting and not fall into being just another person blogging and complaining about the WWE product on the internet, trust me, I could do more than my fair share of that, but I’m trying to take the high road.


Now with that out of the way it brings us to this weeks comic. G.I Bro… This caught me by surprise, not just because G.I Bro originally was a movie released in the 70’s, but because Booker T actually had the stones to breath life into a past WCW gimmick. Most people might not even remember he had a short stint as G.I bro for Ted Turners promotion and this may be for the best. The fact he tried to rekindle a blacksploitation venture is cool in itself, but if my memory serves me correctly it didn’t go very far, and I vaguely remember asking why is Booker T wearing camouflage when watching wrestling matches. Fast forward to 2015 and it seems Booker will just not let G.I Bro go, and for good reason, with all kinds of fans crossing over and supporting a multitude of nerd mediums, its only fair he try and revive this gimmick via comic form. I give Booker a lot of credit here, this comic seems to be all independent, and if you head on over to the Reality Of Wrestling website, it is the only place I was able to snag a copy. To add to the awesomeness it came signed with a stock message form the Book Man himself,and as a signature mark this was well worth the purchase.

gibro1Now as far as the actual comic it was done well, it is also clear, and we see this represented on the credits as well, that Booker created the outline of the story, but the actually writing was done by a writing team. Assuming Booker doesn’t have a whole lot of experience in writing comics, this was a smart move, and the good folks at Last Sentry Comics’ really set him up well. The dialog and artwork are pretty straight forward with nothing supper striking and intense. I did have a laugh when Booker or G. I Bro took a note from John Cena, and told the villain if he wanted some, to come get some. I laughed then had a horrible flashback of the last few Raw’s, some of which were the lowest rated since the 90’s and my laughter faded away with a shiver that went down my spine. As funny as the line was, the last thing this comic needs is to be taking lessons form Monday night Raw. G.I Bro seems like it will be perfect for those younger readers, and as I stated above it’s pretty straight forward, the artwork does well capturing action sequences, and the main focus of each panel, yet the detail isn’t so overpowering it crowds the panels across the pages. If I had to express this comic’s strongest point, it would be its simplicity, making this a fun read. The pilot issue is short and to the point, setting us up for the future story to come when the recurring issues are released, it seems as though later in 2015 we should be seeing issue 1 released! Make sure you guys keep an eye out for G. I bro and please show support to independent comics’.


Well guys another straight to point article, make sure you head on over to the Reality Of Wrestling site to snag a signed copy, or head over to Last Sentry Comics to pick up some goodies there. I hope some of the wrestling fans will read this to tide them over until I get another wrestling article up (don’t worry I’m working on it) and until next time this is Grainbelt Jones signing off, see you all next week.


– Grainbelt Jones

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