Bold Ones: The Lawyers litigate their DVD release in December

The Bold Ones was a merry-go-round series that featured various shows about risk taking professionals. The recent DVD releases of The Bold Ones: The Protectors with Leslie Nielsen and The Bold Ones: The Senator starring Hal Holbrook were revelations. This was a show that wanted to push the grounds of normal TV drama by bringing in the edge found in documentaries of the time. The Bold Ones: The Lawyers is coming out on December 1. The show did its best to be more than a Perry Mason clone. Unlike the previous sets, The Lawyers lasted three seasons. This means only The Bold Ones: The Doctors is left in the vault. Here’s the press release from Timeless Media Group:


The Bold Ones: The Lawyers: The Complete Series

Available for the First Time on DVD
December 1, 2015

Academy Award® winner Burl Ives (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof) stars with Joseph Campanella (Mannix, The Colbys, Quincy, M.E.) and James Farentino (Dynasty, The Final Countdown) in the compelling, Emmy-winning legal drama The Bold Ones: The Lawyers. Timeless Media Group, an imprint of Shout! Factory LLC, presents The Bold Ones: The Lawyers: The Complete Series on DVD for the first time on December 1, 2015.

This acclaimed series follows the exploits of the firm of respected attorney Walter Nicholls (Ives). Facing an increasingly growing and provocative case load, Nichols hires brothers Brian Darrell (Campanella) and Neil Darrell (Farentino) to assist him. Together, the three take on challenging cases which frequently mirror the issues confronting America’s evolving social landscape, in the name of justice for all.

Including both full-length pilot movies and all 27 episodes, this complete collection of The Lawyers is undeniable evidence of the consistently sustained quality of The Bold Ones’ wheel of rotating series.

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