Blu-Ray Review – A.D: The Bible Continues


With the success of The Bible in 2013 it’s not shocking that a second series would be in the works. But the novelty of The Bible didn’t transfer to ratings the second time around for A.D: The Bible Continues as the second season of Mark Burnett’s series found itself on the scrap pile as the series didn’t maintain the massive audience it had the first time around.

The sequel follows the events following the crucifixion of Jesus and the events of early Christendom, taking its cues from the New Testament.

Much like The Bible this is an abridged version of the New Testament, edited down to give you all the main points but not covering every single facet but able to give you enough to get the general picture. It’s well made, and interesting to watch from the non-believer’s perspective, but clearly The Bible was a one time event that didn’t translate into a franchise.

This is an attempt to continue to turn the Bible into something more palpable and easy to digest, and continues with the quality entertainment aspect of the first series, but wasn’t quite the cultural event of the first.

Similar extras from before as we get a detailed look at the series’ production.

MGM presents A.D: The Bible Continues. Run Time: 720 minutes Not Rated. Released on DVD: 11.3.2015