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Jim Ross checked in with a new blog before Raw, here are some highlights

on WWE Title Tournament
The key to this tournament will be making sure that all the top stars that can be made available are in the tournament because in all reality who would NOT want to be the next WWE Title holder? With that said I’d leave John Cena off and perhaps even the Undertaker even though the Deadman would be an intriguing entrant. Obviously and unfortunately Randy Orton will not be in the tourney due to a shoulder issue and one has to wonder if the Authority does not ‘invite’ Brock Lesnar to compete in it as well.

on Brock Lesnar
Lesnar being spurned in the tournament is a big story and that would mean that Lesnar would have to enter and win the Royal Rumble to earn a shot at the new champ at WrestleMania Texas in April. Just to make it interesting the Authority could demand that Lesnar enter the Rumble match #1 to increase the odds of the Beast Incarnate not prevailing to face what I’d suggest would be the new, ‘Corporate Champion’ in April at WM32. No talent has enough discernable villain heat to sustain them without the rub from the Authority who has the power to stack the deck against any challenger in a variety of ways.

Seems to me that if Lesnar was faced with additional and seemingly insurmountable odds in a ‘must win’ scenario at WrestleMania Texas that fans would engage that concept and support Lesnar in his quest to leave AT&T Stadium with WWE gold. It would have to be all or nothing and if Brock did not win the title his days of fighting for the WWE Title would be history and could be seen as a manipulative way for the Authority to rid themselves of Lesnar and Heyman.

on tournaments
I’d love to see the talents take these matches extremely seriously and approach their matches with great focus considering that they’ll be competing to become the top guy in WWE as the WWE Champion. This is also an opportunity for a new start ala a 16th seed i n arch Madness to get hot at the right time and shock the world by winning the WWE Title only to become the #1 enemy of the Authority who wants a champion that they control.

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