Hernandez On Lucha Underground Future, Alberto Del Rio, Drago, Prince Puma/Ricochet

“Super Mex” Shawn Hernandez recently talked with The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling, and discussed, amongst other things,  his leaving Lucha Underground for TNA, how well he thinks LU season 2 will do, Alberto Del Rio rejoining WWE and working with Drago and Prince Puma/Ricochet. Here are some highlights:

On if there are any plans to continue the relationship with Lucha Underground after the controversy surrounding his contract:

“No. That ship has sailed and is gone from both parties.  It’s in its best interest that they do their own thing and I do my own thing. I can’t get into too much because of legalities but it’s best on both parts that they go their way and I go my way and life goes on.”

On if he thinks LU season 2 will be as successful as season 1:

“It all depends on the writers. What I call “CMC” Chris, Matt and Chris the writers for Lucha Underground what magic can they come up with this season. I think it can because what they came up with in the past was phenomenal and they have to do more story line stuff because you pretty much can’t top some of the stuff they did athletically. I think they have to be more story line based with this Season.”

On Lucha Underground feeling more like a television show then a traditional wrestling show:

“Just from the production value alone it was like a really cool B Action movie with the way they did the graphics and little things like that. It was phenomenal and of course anyone that doesn’t like the owner Dario Cueto is not a pro wrestling fan at all. He was awesome.”

On Alberto Del Rio’s return to WWE and their feud in LU:

“More power to him. He is a very great in ring performer and you never know what can happen in wrestling as far as your body so you take the money while you can. But he is the utmost professional. He paid such attention to detail with every move and that’s why if you watch him he kills himself as a star and you know it from the moment he walks out of the curtain. Every movement and everything he does means something and it was like being in the ring with Sting or Kurt Angle.”

On his feud with Drago, Drago’s unique look and wrestling in Mexico
“I had a blast. I’ve worked Drago before when I was in AAA and he is a very talented guy. Obviously he used different gimmicks besides his Drago persona before that. It’s always a challenge to wrestle these smaller guys that can do all this cool stuff so it was definitely fun. Plus with all the costumes and the pageantry I was actually legit scared at first because that costume is very creepy. I don’t like Horror movies and stuff like that but up close he looked like the guy from Jeepers Creepers, it was just very freaky. I’ve wrestled in Mexico at least 75% of my career so nothing fazes me but you never know what they have planned. I’ve been in a ring with an electrified steel cage, NOT like the TNA one I was in, it was a real one. It’s a lot different and that’s why Lucha Underground is such a big hit with the mainstream wrestling fans because they aren’t trying to copy WWE or Ring of Honor they are trying to establish their own niche.”

On Ricochet/Prince Puma:

“He is like a young version of AJ Styles and I told him that the first time I wrestled him. It’s very freaky how athletic that guy is because he’s not even trying. When he realizes what he is really doing he is going to be twenty times better than he is now.”

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