Pull List Roundtable 11/11/2015 – All-New All-Different Avengers #1, Secret Wars, Unity #24, Justice League: Darkseid War & More (Spoilers)

Mike Maillaro

Got quite a few books coming out this week, but a lot of them are just long running series without a lot that really jumps out at me as exciting to talk about.

  • Justice League Darkseid War Green Lantern/Shazam – I am not sure that DC needed to do this little break in Darkseid War to give each character a one shot focusing on the changes that happened to them as a result of Darkseid War. Especially since these changes don’t see like they will be lasting since they aren’t even mentioned in the character’s core books. DC and continuity seem to be going through a real messy breakup. All that said, I really enjoyed the Batman one from a few weeks ago (I haven’t read the Superman or Flash ones yet), so at least these books are entertaining.
  • All-New – This is the week to be All-New! We got All-New All-Different Avengers, All-New Hawkeye and All-New Wolverine. I actually am looking forward to all three books, even if the whole All-New thing has been done to death.
  • Secret Wars – I got a week off from covering Secret Wars last week, but we’re back with a vengeance this week. Secret Wars #7, and the last issues of Infinity Gauntlet, Squadron Supreme, and Thors are all out this week. As far as I know, all we have left are two more issues of the core series, one issue of Hail Hydra, one issue of Ultimate End, and one issue of Silver Surfer.
  • Web Warriors #1 – Exiles…just this time they are using Spider-Man characters, not X-Men characters. I love Exiles, so I will check this one out.
  • Spider-Man 2099 #3 – The award for most improved title after the relaunch definitely goes to Spider-Man 2099. It has been a lot more focused and balls to the wall since it restarted. Glad to see this book finally hitting it’s full potential.
  • Justice League United #15 – I am a little bummed that this series is ending, though I will admit that the “Secret Defenders” approach to the series has done it no favors. The best run of this book was the second arc featuring the Legion. I would love to see this book relaunched as a new Legion title.
  • Autumnlands #7 – The book started as Tooth and Claw, so it’s easy to lose track of it. Kurt Busiek is telling an awesome story here about a world of anthromorphized animals on a quest to restore magic to their world. There was a bit of a gap between the second arc starting, but I have been waiting for this one to come back for a while.
  • Maxx Maxximized #25 – This issue has always been real special to me. I had a love letter printed to my girlfriend (now my wife) in the original Maxx #25. The reprints, sadly, have not had the letters and classifieds from the original issues, but this issue (and series) has always been special to us.
  • Unity #24 – Another series I am sad to see go. Next issue is going to be a big blow out last issue. Unity has been a terrific series throughout, and I hope that it continues in some capacity. Unity has been the perfect lens to show us all the ways the Valiant universe is intertwined.

Babos John

10 books likely this week.

  • Batman #46 – The march to Batman #50. When will Bruce Wayne return as the Dark Knight?
  • Batman and Robin Eternal #6 – The half year weekly series continues celebrating all things Robins. Very curious about whether this is all going.
  • Batman Beyond #6 – Not Terry McGinnis, but a time-displaced adult Tim Drake in an even farther future. Great creative team.
  • Justice League: Darkseid War: Green Lantern #1 and Shazam #1 – More from DC’s big end of 2015 event. Particularly interested in the Shazam one-shot.
  • Secret Wars #7 – Wow, this has been delayed and now the mini-series is 9 not 8 issues. Don’t know what to expect as I forgot where issue #6 left off. Love those Alex Ross covers though.
  • Squadron Sinister #4 – The final issue of a pretty compelling and truly all-different mini-series.
  • Teen Titans #13 – It’s time for DC to revisit this series. Change is needed.
  • Ultimates #1 – Galactus on an Avengers team drawn by Kenneth Rocafort? Well, that means I’ll at least pick up issue #1.
  • Unity #24 – Valiant’s premiere super-team marches to its end with next month’s Unity #25. I’ll miss this book.

James Fulton

  • Airboy #4 – James Robinson and Greg Hinckle have made this silly old Golden Age character into a hilarious foil for their own hijinks in this excellent miniseries, and I’m ready to see it all come to an end. This book has been one surprise after the other since it began, and it leaves its readers with a very dirty, awkward feeling. I love it.
  • All-New All-Different Avengers #1 – I’m looking forward to seeing what Mark Waid does with the Avengers. I’m treating this as the main Avengers title, and am hoping it’s going to explain why the team is broke. I’m also hoping that it can return the comic to a more traditional superhero team than we’ve seen in the last decade.
  • Autumnlands Tooth & Claw #7 – Kurt Busiek has a solid winner in this title, which has been on hiatus for a little while now. I’m so happy to see that he and Benjamin Dewey are bringing it back, and I encourage everyone who likes good adventure comics to check it out.
  • Secret Wars #7 – I’m glad this is finally coming out, and I hope that the wait between it and the last two issues isn’t too long, as I’m sick of trying to piece together how this event ends based on what I’m seeing in all of the other Marvel relaunches.
  • Ultimates #1 – I loved the concept behind Al Ewing’s take on the Mighty Avengers, and see that this title has a number of the same characters. Ewing’s writing is great, as is the cast. I also think that Kenneth Rocafort might be the right kind of artist for this book, and hope that his inclusion brings in enough new readers that this title lasts a lot longer than Ewing’s two Avengers series (and that, unlike them, it’s not event-driven moving forward).

Paul Miranda

  • KING TIGER #4 (of 4)
    Mystical mayhem and martial art magic!! What a combo!!
  • BATMAN #46
  • BATMAN and ROBIN ETERNAL #6 (of 26)
    There can never be enough Bat, be it Bruce or Jim!!
    Hal Jordan was quickly dismissed by Bat-Tron. It’s high time we see how he deals with the events on Oa. Plus, in my opinion, Shazam has been more background and filler than most since his induction into the League. The Greek gods have abandoned him. How will he handle the Apokaliptan ones??
    This series was just picking up steam. I really enjoyed the revolving door concept and the two-part World War II story was favourable. Penultimate issue.
    Normally, I don’t believe the hype. In this case, I’m buying it! Literally!! I sense that this book will fly off the shelves in less than a picosecond!! The premise appeals to me despite not being the biggest Super-fan. Couple that with different high-end artists for each issue and the deal is sealed.
  • GRUMPY CAT #2 (of 3)
    I look down on felines for two specific reasons. However, I read the first issue and had a grin as wide as the Cheshire Cat. Too bad this pop cultural phenomenon only has a mini to her name. Perhaps it’s for the best as quality overrules quantity.
  • AIRBOY #4 (of 4)
    Two months late isn’t so bad. The final chapter in James Robinson’s self-deprecating portrait. Silly me. He’s in cahoots with artist Greg Hinkle. Instead of making it big, these two have made a mess of things. How will the fictional character come to life deal with these crazed creators??
    The hiatus is over!! More action, excitement, horror, and violence coming our way. Mikey is all grown up. Double-sized extravaganza for regular cover price. SSWWEEEETT!!
  • The GODDAMNED #1 – Thou shalt not use the Lord’s name in vain! Tell that to Jason Aaron. The man is a foul-mouthed genius with monster hit SOUTHERN BASTARDS!! He is reunited with SCAPLED artist R.M Guera for their take on the Book of Genesis with a dystopian slant.


Mega-massive week for Marvel. They dominated last month by domineering the entire top 10 sales. More ANADM titles roll out, SECRET WARS has the next chapter as well as two tie-ins, plus STAR WARS to boot!!

  • ALL-NEW HAWKEYE {2nd Series} #1
  • CARNAGE #1
    The major draw for me this week is AVENGERS. This should be the flagship series, IMO. The anticipation for this has been gnawing at me since May. That zero issue only made me salivate more. I’m real curious to see Laura Kinney live up to Logan’s legacy. I want Marvel to really make this stick!! Don’t demote her after a year. I always buy the obligatory number ones and read them. Marvel is really putting out the eclectic mix these next few months.
  • SECRET WARS #7 (of 9)
    Enough exposition! Down with the dialogue! Waste away the world-building! Readers are hungry for good old-fashioned butt-kicking!! Doom is so dead. His perfect little world is falling apart at the seams due to his arrogant negligence. What a maroon!! I want Benjy to clobber him like no tomorrow!! Thanos needs to have his glove make contact with Doom’s metal-plated hands.
  • THORS #4
    Delayed titles that could have and should have shipped by September. There will need to be resolutions before these titles carry on under the ANADM banner.
  • CHEWBACCA #3 (of 5)
    There are no signs of slowing down this sales giant!!

Side note: Where are all the smaller, independent companies??

Phil Allen

Just a few books for me this week while I catch up on everything else…

  • All-New Hawkeye #1 – Another (the same?) All-New Hawkeye series! I’m in just as much as I was when Lemire/Perez first took over a few months ago.
  • Descender #7 – The second arc of the critically acclaimed series begins here!
  • Limbo #1 – Another cool-sounding series from Image! From the description in Previews, sounds like it’ll be as pleasing to the eye to look at as it will to read.
  • Southern Bastards #12 – Special issue! I’m not sure what’s going on with the Karate chicken on the cover but there’s no way I’m missing it.
  • The Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw #7 – This is one of those series I tend to put in the back of my mind until I start reading it again, and it’s always a delight to pick up. The new arc starts here!
  • The Goddamned #1 – The new series that’s been hyped since it’s announcement at Image Expo! Jason Aaron has been killing it in Southern Bastards and Star Wars, and it’ll be great to see the ol’ Scalped team reunited!
  • The Wicked + The Divine #16 – The Morrigan! Need I say more?


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