Marvel Comics Review & Spoilers: SECRET WARS #7 By Jonathan Hickman, Esad Ribić, Ive Svorcina. Phony Prophet!! Deceitful Deity!! Head Will Roll!

SECRET WARS #7 review spoilers 1SECRET WARS #7 review spoilers 2SECRET WARS {3rd series} #7 (of 9)
Writer & Designer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Esad Ribić
Color Artist: Ive Svorcina
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Covers by: Alex Ross; Simone Bianchi & Simone Peruzzi; Stacy Lee; Tomm Coker;
John Tyler Christopher; Paul Gulacy & Rachelle Rosenberg
Secret Wars #7 2015 Marvel Comics Spoilers Preview 6Secret Wars #7 2015 Marvel Comics Spoilers Preview 3
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Secret Wars #7 2015 Marvel Comics Spoilers Preview 2Secret Wars #7 2015 Marvel Comics Spoilers Preview 5
“King of the Dead” (20 pages)

In the seventh issue, God Doom began to fall and it was good!!

An uprising against the false emperor is an obvious understatement. The Prophet, centred among his flock, reveals himself. He is none other than…Maximus, the Mad!!! Who’s the fool now?? That’s an open-ended question.
SECRET WARS #7 Prophet triumphantSECRET WARS #7 Maximus
The maniacal mischief-maker is soon overpowered by Madelyne Pryor’s goblin horde. Sides switch swiftly when Sinister’s right-hand woman Captain Marvel suggests aiding the Prophet instead of the Goblin Queen. The eerie effete agrees and has his clones turn the tide. The salvo has barely launched when Sinister is decapitated by Holocaust, the son of Apocalypse. The techno-organic baron wants words with the double-crosser.
SECRET WARS #7 Sinister decapitatedSECRET WARS #7 talking head
Idly observing is the so-called ruler supreme of the planet. Victor has no interest in direct victory. Let the gnats fight for dominance. He refuses Black Swan’s offer, ponders Susan’s wise words, and heeds Valeria’s outcome analysis. At the end of it all, he sighs about being slapped in the face. The only saving grace is his enforcers: the mighty Thor Corps.
SECRET WARS #7 cry me a river Doom
UUUHHH, on second thought, not!! Dissension is among the ranks! Jane Foster has seen the truth and it is unpleasant for some of her brethren to hear. A ‘civil war’ among the hammer wielders breaks out. The innuendo directed at one of the male members tickles my funny bone.
SECRET WARS #7 innuendo
Paths cross. The Thors’ scuffle spills over to Holocaust and spoils Apocalypse’s plans to reprimand Sinister. The geneticist becomes a talking head. His marbles are intact. He tries to make a plea bargain with En Sabah Nur but the Maestro’s arrival in a hulking helicarrier [natch!] has him stop short.
SECRET WARS #7 chatty headSECRET WARS #7 helicarrier
The two Reeds finalize their plan of absconding the most valuable item in all the multiverse. Star-Lord will be their flawless navigator. They will take advantage of the recent outburst to carry out the stealth mission. The Maker demands to know Mr. Fantastic’s ruse. The latter informs him that the credit is to be given to T’Challa.

T’Challa, the Black Panther a.k.a. the King of the Dead. Along with Namor, he stands ready to summon an army. The two monarchs stand at the Shield. Namor seems almost touched by T’Challa’s resolve. The Wakandan bursts the barrier, creating an egress from the Deadlands. The zombies have a shot at redemption, glory, and honour. All they need to do is traverse the Siege Courageous. The rotting corpses don’t want to give up their flesh-eating existence. Namor dissipates their hesitation and gives them some encouragement. It’s unanimous: they march with the ruler of Necropolis!
SECRET WARS #7 kneel before your kingSECRET WARS #7 dead men rallying
The passage on page one is rather Biblical in nature. I didn’t know you had it in you, Mr. Hickman!! It’s poetic and captivating until the tone shifts and becomes comical. What else to expect from a man who deems himself as looney? Sue really cuts to the quick with her logical observation of the uprising. She has no faith whatsoever in her ‘husband’. “No need to take it personally, Victor. It’s what free people always do when faced with authority. You can’t fight how things are, my love.”

Comic relief is sorely needed in the tensest of situations. Sinister having his noggin lopped had me chuckling especially since he makes light of it with dripping sarcasm. Like a game of hot potato, the pesky pate has no chance to sit still. On another note, Jane inquiring about her colleague’s prowess is unintentional and innocent. Anyone with half a dirty mind (such as yours truly) would have snorted at that question. The immediate response further feeds the humour.
SECRET WARS #7 head tossingSECRET WARS #7 heads up
Being a wordsmith is no easy feat. However, having the Maestro be redundant when ordering his Worldbreakers has me groaning. Namor’s dismissal of T’Challa’s designation is pure ignorance and condescension. He quickly changes his tune when he realizes that the title isn’t empty nor pompous.

Doom backwards is mood. The passive approach and the boo-hooing is seriously beneath a man of his station. One can debate whether this is craftiness or uncaring. He takes a backseat in this issue. I am glad the Prophet’s identity was quickly revealed. I truly didn’t expect it to be Maximus. It makes sense and there are only a select few characters as possibilities. Everyone is against Chrome Dome but a handful. Literally!

One nagging question: how is Jane Foster the one to ascertain the epiphany?? I’m all about advancing the plot but there has to be some explanation instead of omniscient narration.
SECRET WARS #7 Thor on Thor on Thor
Nitpicky point: T’Challa uses bombs instead of the Infinity Gauntlet. What’s the point of carrying an omnipotent object? Does it need to re-charge or is he saving it to blast Doom and his pitiful planet to oblivion?

Esad Ribić creates an ominous mood in the background veiling the sky in a smoky hue due to the eruption of battle. Maximus has his moment. That glimpse of glory goes well with his scrunched-up face. The shadow over Doom’s half-face is foretelling. He is to be pitied. Not!! The zombie eyes creep me out! All I see are never-ending swirls of black.

Ive Svorcina keeps it dull. There is no real possibility of clear skies anymore. Even the brightest colours are dampened by the constant charcoal.

Clayton Cowles is new to this issue, replacing Chris Eliopoulos. Mr. Cowles uses the red box for three different narrators. This is misleading since one is to assume that it is the same speaker. One has to read more carefully to distinguish the voices. He makes a big SPLASSHHHH SMASSHHH with a Hulk’s hard landing.

Once again, I lament the lateness of this title. Five more weeks have passed. That isn’t as long an absence. The next issue was to come out in two weeks but it has been postponed until the second week of December and the very final issue will now be released in January. *sigh*

There is some rising action in this issue but the climax is too close to the end. This story did not grip me as all the others. I give this entry 6 out of 10.

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