This Week in Adult Cartoons (South Park, Bob’s Burgers)

Well, this is the first time in several weeks that both South Park and Bob’s Burgers have been on, so now I can do a proper weeks recap on the adult animation shows. Again, I want to put out a call for anyone who is watching some cartoons made especially for adults that you feel are under covered. I’m not talking about The Simpsons or Family Guy. I’m interested in talking about shows that our readers feel are underserved and need more exposure. With that, let’s start with South Park (yes, I get the irony).

South Park

South Park is back in a really big way with “Naughty Ninjas.” The show has finally decided to tackle the problem of police brutality and how it plays into PC culture. In this first clip, Randy and the other guys badger a well-meaning cop out of the bar.

In this second clip (which might be the funniest point of the episode) the entire (white) population of South Park harasses the town’s police force over the dulcet tones of “Fuck Tha Police.”

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Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers had a so-so week with another Thanksgiving installment episode (their fifth I think). In this first clip, Bob goes to pick up his sister-in-law Gayle for the the Thanksgiving dinner, and accidentally sees something he didn’t want to see.

In this second clip, Bob tries to coax Mr. Business down from the shelf.

In this final clip, Bob talks with Linda about how to prepare the turkey as he drags the wounded Gayle through a snow storm. Poor Bob is on the verge of tears at not being able to make his own beloved turkey.

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