10 Thoughts on NXT 18th November – Bayley, Jordan & Gable, Emma

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1. Carmella doesn’t really seem to be a legitimate threat to Nia Jax, and it’s no surprise when she gets tossed around like a rag doll. I really like what Jax brings to NXT, and it will be interesting to see what she can do against wrestlers like Asuka and Bayley.

2. Gable and Jordan have got new outfits, somewhat reminiscent of the Worlds Greatest Tag Team. They’re up against the biggest jobbers on Raw, The Ascension, and Connor seems to have put on a bit of weight. Comfort eating, maybe. Solid match with Jordan and Gable looking good and The Ascension getting in more offense than their entire time on Raw.

3. Sweet video package for Bayley, right up until Alexa Bliss appears. I get that she’s a heel, but I just find her so irritating, in that certain X-Pac way.

4. I like Emma more without the distraction of Dana Brooke, and her match against Mary Kate showed more fire than we’ve seen from the Aussie Diva in recent months. Melissa Joan Hart recently suggested that Kevin Owens had been booked to look lazy, and the same could be said of Emma. I hope this is the start of a redirection of character, because Emma has the potential to be great.

5. Dash and Dawson make short work of jobbers Corey and John, and start their run as tag champs with an entertaining but somewhat meaningless squash match.

6. I like the hype for the upcoming Samoa Joe vs Finn Balor championship match, with Joe cutting a believable promo about how much he is looking forward to it.

7. Alexa Bliss is unaccompanied by the Dubstep Douchebags, which is certainly a good start, and Bayley is as over with the crowd as ever.

8. Despite the skank-tastic hair extensions, I must admit that Bliss worked hard and looked good in this match, with Bayley played the face in peril before getting the win with a Bayley to Belly out of nowhere.

9. I’d like to learn more about both Bayley and Alexa on Breaking Ground, but apparently it’s not on this week as its Undertaker Week. Thanks, grandpa.

10. Damn, don’t tell me they’re going to finish this show with Eva Marie talking… and the crowd reaction is mildly hilarious. Overall an above average episode of NXT, with a decent tag match and a nice focus on the Divas.

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