SUBMIT YOUR WWE SURVIVOR SERIES 2015 PICKS! The Trashy Ring Attire Open Continues!

Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome back to the Trashy Ring Attire Open!!!

It will run from WrestleMania 31 to WrestleMania 32. The concept is very simple – we will put an article (like this) up just before a PPV and you can submit your picks along with myself, Jonah, and Chris and Joel from Classy Ring Attire! We will keep a running tally of the winners as the PPV’s go along, so we will have a winner for every PPV as well as a running tally that will tell us who is winning the whole thing! We will post it after each PPV and talk about it on the podcast.

We’re going to keep this easy and simple, so ALL we want you to put is your winner – that’s all we’re basing points on. You don’t need to leave your rationale, and no extra points for stuff like “so and so will cash in… and fail… and there will be a ref bump… and interference and a double-turn during a full moon…” etc etc… really, if this takes me more than 15 minutes per month at all, then this contest was a huge failure and you should all be ashamed of yourselves for ruining.

Current leaderboard has Joel still winning…



Dolph Ziggler .vs. Tyler Breeze

BD: Ziggler


The Brothers Of Destruction .vs. The Wyatt Family

BD: Wyatts


WWE Divas Championship Match
Charlotte (c) .vs. Paige

BD: Charlotte


This next one is different. Do you hear me? We’re doing this next one different. Pay attention.

Due to the way the tournament is operating, rather than do the individual matches we are just going to predict a tournament winner…


That’s right.

Could be a game changes for anyone who picks correctly or incorrectly. 

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament FOR 3 WHOLE POINTS!
Roman Reigns .vs. Dean Ambrose .vs. Kevin Owens .vs. Alberto Del Rio

BD: Ambrose



And, you know what? Since no one is announced for the Traditional Survivor Series match, we’re just not doing it. Yeah. Fuck that shit. Then I have to chase people down who already took the time to vote, and that’s no fun. So fuck you, WWE. You have, like, a month to figure this shit out. How you wait until the day of the event to announce what’s obviously just a popcorn match bewilders me.


We will give you the updated leaderboard after the PPV!

Leave your picks in the comments below – anyone can enter! Anything after or during the event won’t be counted.

Keep it trashy and enjoy this incredibly shitty-looking card!

BD & Kue

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