Rasslin’ Roundtable for WWE Survivor Series 2015 PPV (Brothers of Destruction vs. Wyatts, Title Tournament Concludes)

WWE Survivor Series 2015 is tonight! Here are the Pulse Wrestling crews’ predictions for the matches.

WWE Championship Semi-Final: Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose

CB: Easily the tougher semifinals match to predict, I am leaning towards Dean Ambrose getting the win so that he could move on to face Roman Reigns. I can see WWE running an angle where Ambrose fights and claws for the win, and then Owens “takes out” Ambrose post-match. They could even make it seem like KO is going to replace an injured Ambrose in the Finals later on in the night as per HHH if Dean is unable to compete, and of course Ambrose will come back, retaliate agains Owens, and then face Reigns.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

Sam P – Depending on how long they give it, and what happens in the Finals, this match is the highlight of the card. Two kick-ass dudes, going at it. It seems likely that Ambrose will take the win with Owens still looking strong.
Winner – Dean Ambrose

Pat Metalhead: Well, we all know who’s gonna win this tournament of course, and I’m completely bored by the proposed scenario, so I’m gonna go with Kevin Owens just for the hell of it. It wouldn’t be that outlandish actually, since WWE needs a top heel and, despite the rumors, the simple fact is that Ambrose is their most popular guy right now and they still want to push Reigns as their most popular guy so neither one of them is turning. That leaves Owens who, presumably would make some sort of deal with The Authority. I know, it won’t happen, but it would be fun if it did.
Winner: Kevin Owens

Widro – I think it’s lame to give away Roman vs. Dean as a throwaway in a tournament finals. So I’ll go with Owens.
Winner: Owens

WWE Championship Semi-Final: Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio

CB: I feel like it’s inevitable that Reigns wins here. Perhaps someone interferes to give Del Rio a new storyline to work with, or maybe Alberto loses and simply dumps Zeb and ditches this whole MexAmerica gimmick, saying in a worked shoot that he left WWE in the first place because of their terrible booking and writing for Hispanic superstars like him. Either way…
Winner: Roman Reigns

Sam P- I’m utterly apathetic towards Del Rio’s return. Since he dropped the Mexican Aristocrat gimmick, which was a joy to behold, he’s been bland, and the union with Coulter is pathetically illogical. Anyway, rant aside, this will be nothing but a Reigns win.
Winner – Roman Reigns

Pat Metalhead: While writing this, I idly wondered how things would look is this match was heel Reigns vs Alberto El Patron. Would probably be awesome, but, this is WWE so we will just get Tedious Reigns vs Insipid Del Rio. Adding insult to injury, WWE has saddled Del Rio with such an outlandish storyline (mexicamerica or whatever the hell it’s called) that you just KNOW there is no way he’s going anywhere. Just there to keep the US title warm until Cena returns. Frustrating because things could actually be very different for those two.
Winner: Roman Reigns

Widro – This tournament seemed designed to pave an easy way for Roman to win the title.
Winner: Reigns

WWE Championship Final (choose the match and winner)

CB: This will be Dean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns. It’s one man short of the highly anticipated Shield Triple Threat that everyone had been clamoring for since last year, but it should be an intriguing match. Some people will say that Reigns winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title here will just be “more of the same” and that WWE is simply trying to replace Cena (which they are). However, I say get the inevitable over with already and give Reigns the title. This way, at least we can look forward to him losing it one day than sulking at the prospects of him winning it, which has felt like an endless cycle. It’s time to turn the page, give Reigns the belt, and then go from there. And no, I don’t think there will be a heel turn.
Winner: Roman Reigns

Sam P – Surely it’s Reigns v Ambrose. Shield Brother v Shield Brother. Bestie v Bae. Handshake or hug at the beginning, then brutal back and forth, then, a heel turn? It needs to happen. There’s a gaping hole in the Authority and it makes sense for a former Shield member to take Rollins’ place. Personally, I think Reigns is best placed to do it. He gets mixed reactions anyway, and those that cheer him will defect when he sells out after specifically saying that he wouldn’t. This is my preference, but it’s WWE, so…
Winner: Roman Reigns

Pat Metalhead: Well, I’m sticking to my insanity and predict Reigns vs Owens in the final, Owens defeating Reigns and then unleashing the reign of chaos he promised, while Reigns gets boo-ed even more while going after the company’s new top heel. What? I’m still allowed to dream, no?
Winner: Kevin Owens

Widro – So my finals match is Owen vs. Reigns, and I believe Reigns goes over clean.
Winner: Reigns

The Undertaker and Kane vs. Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman

CB: There is no way Taker loses on a show being billed as the 25th Anniversary of the Undertaker. Kane could be booked to take the pin or turn heel and join the Wyatts, but I think this one will be much more straightforward than that.
Winners: Brothers of Destruction

Sam P – I think it’s a shame this wasn’t the traditional Survivor Series match. Seeing the Brothers Of Destruction together again pricks up our nostalgia, but it would’ve been nice to see the veterans put over other Superstars as well as the Wyatts. Hoping for a Wyatt win after interference and for the feud to continue.
Winner: The Wyatts

Pat Metalhead: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… ermh what? Is it over? No? Damn… Brothers win, feud continues, yawn, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…
Winner: Brothers of Decrepitude

Widro – I think Kane will turn on the Undertaker, siding with Bray Wyatt, leading to a Kane vs. Undertaker match at Wrestlemania 32.
Winner: Wyatts

WWE Divas Championship: Charlotte (champion) vs. Paige

CB: As lame as the Reid Flair reference was, at least it gives Charlotte a reason to truly want to beat the snot out of Paige. I expect Charlotte to come out really aggressive and act on emotion, which Paige will exploit and take advantage of. Charlotte’s Divas Championship run has been pretty lackluster to say the least, and she hasn’t looked as sharp in the ring on the main roster as she did on NXT. I think what the women need to do here is put on a great match; I just don’t know if this combination has it in them to match Sasha vs. Bayley, etc.
Winner: Charlotte

Sam P – No matter what you think of the controversial Raw promo, it’s created a buzz about this bout. Personally, I thought it was brilliant. Edgy and filled with genuine emotion, and it will fuel the storytelling throughout what should be a great contest.
Winner: Charlotte

Pat Metalhead: Lots of things have already been said about that RAW segment so it’s time to actually talk about the match in itself. And I’m honestly not sure what to expect here. Here is the thing, Charlotte, whom many identified as the one who could revolutionize Women’s wrestling at the start of the year, hasn’t shined yet. Paige has a good character but hasn’t really been able to confirm that with strong in-ring performances until now. So, I actually had doubts about those two before the RAW segment. I think Charlotte is a competent wrestler but needs someone outstanding to really shine. And Paige is right on the verge of becoming AJ Lee 2.0 for me. Great hype but, perhaps, a bit overrated. I’m starting to wonder how much of that much heralded match against Emma some months ago was actually Paige’s doing. I honestly hope I’m wrong and that those two put on a great match on Sunday. They need it and the Diva’s division certainly need it. But I have doubts. As for the winner, I’m going for Paige, simply because if she loses, she loses all momentum, while Charlotte can take it. Final note, I’m curious if Charlotte will get boo-ed or cheered here. If it happens, it will tell you all you need to know about the effectiveness of WWE’s booking.
Winner: Paige

Widro – It would be hard to imagine Charlotte losing the title this early in her reign, and especially after the angle on Raw.
Winner: Charlotte

Tyler Breeze vs. Dolph Ziggler

CB: Tyler takes it.
Winner: Tyler Breeze

Sam P – It’s great to see Prince Pretty on a major PPV. I worry his character may come across as a tad cheesy on the main roster, and hope desperately that he doesn’t go the way of Fandango. This should be a sweet match, showcasing the excellent talents of both men.
Winner: Tyler Breeze

Pat Metalhead: Very simple, Breeze has to win or he’ll be a non-entity before his main roster career has even started. I hope these two are givcen some time because they are certainly capable of stealing the show.
Winner: Tyler Breeze

Widro – This is a pretty low buzz feud, but could be a sleeper for a strong match on the card.
Winner: Breeze

Traditional Survivor Series 5-on-5 elimination match: Names to be announced

CB: I can only assume the New Day and others will go up against the Dudleyz and others in this traditional 5 on 5 Survivor Series match.
Winners: The Baby Faces

Sam P – Zero build, zero effort, zero participants announced the day before the show. I understand the turmoil of having the key champion get injured, but surely there was SOMETHING WWE could’ve done to generate investment in the match that gives the PPV its name. Regardless, it’ll probably be fun, but no-one will care who wins or loses. Which is wrestling 101. Isn’t it?
Winner: Whoever the faces are.

Pat Metalhead: How lazy is WWE creative when they can’t even be bothered to find 10 wrestlers to fight what is basically a opening act. I say it will be Dudleyz, Uso’s and Neville vs New Day, Ascension and Stardust. Faces win.
Winner: no-one

Widro – Without knowing who is in the match yet, I’ll go with the New Day.
Winner: New Day

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