Ric Flair Comments On Controversial Charlotte/Paige Segment from Raw


I just hit pause during his newest podcast from the day after raw, that I have on in the background: “here’s the problem: obviously i have an opinion but I’m afraid to voice it because i don’t want anything to affect Ashley’s career; i know Hunter, Stephanie and Michael Hayes have her back and… i don’t think she’s comfortable enough to feel like she can say no to anything yet… it’s a tough spot to be in … just because you’re the champion, it doesn’t mean you have the right to say no … one person approves everything … i was sensitive to it … for what it was, i think it was intense, i think the pull apart was as good as Brock Lesnar and Taker … and i think Ashley’s interview … may have been the best I’ve seen from a woman, or a diva, of all time. she was on fire, and she stayed in control, and dealt with the emotion of it, and once again, she demonstrated her physical skills of being second to none, man or woman, in the company.”

when asked to divorce himself from the personal connection to the story, as a fan, what would he think: “I did not like it.” and compared it to when Jerry lawyer verbally abused Bret Hart’s parents years ago. “it’s still new, it’s not even three years old.” mentioned how for his 30 for 30 for ESPN, it was very emotional talking about Reid for that.

he reiterated that hunter, Stephanie and Michael Hayes have her back and wouldn’t go out of their way to hurt her or put her in a position to be hurt.

asked if he was given a heads up he said no. “i started crying when i was watching it. nobody called me and no one’s called me today.”

he’s looking forward to going to survivor series, and isn’t boycotting or anything like that. “I’ll be at Survivor Series and can’t wait to get there, and by the time we get there this will be old news, and Ashley and Paige will have a phenomenal match, and if anything else, we came out of it with a definitive bad guy and a definitive good guy … and what’s worse: that promo or what happened in Paris, France this weekend? … If you’re watching network news, I went out and bought 40 guys yesterday.”

“if they ask you to do something, what is she gonna say, ‘no I quit? … they’ve written down stuff for me i wasn’t comfortable with, and i can go ask and they’ll change it… but it’s never anything of that level of sensitivity.”

he also said he doesn’t think she’d be comfortable rocking the boat being so new right now, she’s in a great position and will be there forever.

and that she works hard and is dedicated to the company, etc.

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