10 Thoughts On… Monday Night Raw 11.23.2015 (Sheamus, Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch, Dudleys vs. Wyatts)


1. I don’t care for Sheamus as a wrestler, but I think he’s a good heel. But Roman Reigns is still boring to me. Although not as awful as The Authority. And Rusev is now aligned with The Authority? Okay, interesting.

2. I had thought that The Wyatt Family was stale, but then I heard Luke Harper — entirely out of character — on Jericho’s podcast and I’m a fan now. Although it doesn’t make sense that the Dudley Boyz are now on the bottom end of the tag division. Or that the Wyatt Family is supposed to look strong after losing to two of the oldest people on the roster.

3. Sasha Banks is great, and deserves much better. Ditto Paige. The main roster’s Divas division is back in shambles, while NXT’s Divas are still thriving.

4. The New Day stole the show as always. They have more catch phrases and trademarks than anyone on the roster (e.g. “Ohhhhhh no,” “Booty,” “Shame,” “New Day Rocks,” “Power Of Positivity,” unicorns, the trombone) to the point that everyone else could learn from them. If you don’t find The New Day entertaining, then you must really enjoy Roman Reigns. Or tractors.

5. I like The Lucha Dragons as high-energy wrestlers and kid-friendly characters, but man, keep the microphones away from those two.

6. Mark Henry is still jobbing, and that still irks me. Remember that fake retirement speech promo from a few years back? Even if he’s not a main eventer, he is one of the legitimate tough people on the roster beyond being great on the mic. So having him lose to a much smaller guy and then later act in a commercial with JBL and El Torito is fairly-insulting to his legacy.

7. Titus O’Neil is funny, but still being misused. As is Stardust. That six-man tag match should have been on “Smackdown,” where six-man tag matches without proper storylines belong. But it’s great to see Goldust back.

8. Alberto Del Rio doesn’t belong with Zeb Coulter, obviously. ADR is officially the anti-American heel, I guess. Even though his manager was behind “The Real Americans?”

9. Jack Swagger, like Mark Henry, shouldn’t be jobbing — or at least this ADR feud is setting him up to look like a jobber. Swagger is a former champion, he was a decorated collegiate athlete, and he has a (lame) catch phrase that connects well with most WWE audiences.

10. The tag match with Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Tyler Breeze and Kevin Owens was arguably the best match of the night. Or at least it got the best crowd reaction of the evening. This should have been the main event, or the opening segment.

Heath Slater, we missed you. (Shame on you, Ryback.)

Damien Sandow, you’re still missed.

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