Luke Harper Recounts Meeting Vince McMahon For the First Time


In an interview with Talk is Jericho, Luke Harper spoke about his first real interaction with Vince McMahon. Here are highlights:

On his beard: “I had it already and I liken it to being fat: it’s not difficult to do – you just kind of give up on life. This is what happens! And it just happens to help me with my career now! And my wife doesn’t mind it. It’s a win-win.”

On being recommended to FCW trainer Joey Mercury: “I was told again [WWE] were looking for guys over six [foot] whatever that could work. And so Claudio Castagnoli was down there, Tyler Black who is now Seth Rollins, and Jon Moxley who is Dean Ambrose, kind of all were close to Joey and said, ‘hey, there’s a kid out there that’, I use the term, ‘kid’, loosely, ‘there’s a guy out there who can work and is tall and whatever and no one [has] ever called him.’”

On getting paired with Bray Wyatt: “Even before, when I had signed my contract, I called Claudio and told him, so he tells me, he’s like, ‘oh, talk to this guy’ and he puts Windham [Rotunda], Bray Wyatt, on the phone and he’s just talking, like, ‘oh yeah, I got this spot, blah, blah, blah’ and I hang up the phone and I go, ‘what the hell? What is he talking about?’ So Joey’s like, ‘trust me. This is the perfect spot for you.’”

On meeting Vince McMahon: “My first real one was, we started doing the Uso feud like maybe a year into our thing. And I don’t know if it was the two out of three falls match or the one before at the Money In The Bank [pay-per-view], where we killed it. And we came to the back and he stood up and he hugged each one of us and he goes, ‘you go to that locker room and you tell these motherf–kers to follow that!’”

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Source: Talk is Jericho