Bayley On Whether Or Not Eva Marie Deserved A NXT Women’s Title Shot, Fans reactions Towards Eva Marie

NXT Women’s Champion Bayley recently spoke with about working with Eva Marie in NXT. Here are some interview highlights:

On NXT fans hating Eva Marie:

“I love being in a ring with Eva Marie because of the crowd reaction she gets. It also helps me feed off of it. Even being in the ring with her is something really special. This may sound funny – I’ve never heard fans boo somebody as much as they boo her. To me it’s amazing because the fans really care about what’s going on in the ring.

“Whether they hate her, or they love me, or they just don’t want this match to happen, or they do want the match to happen, whatever it is they care about it. It’s an amazing feeling that a person can get the reaction like she does from all these fans. They hate her and it just makes our job so much more fun. At least for me – I don’t know how she feels!”

 On Eva Marie getting a title shot against her:
“Right… there’s tonnes of people who in my opinion deserve a match before her, but I know she’s been training hard. I guess she has her ways and just asks for the match. Our stories are very different, I had to work for it! But she can do whatever she wants… I’ll show her.”

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