10 Thoughts On… Monday Night Raw 11.30.2015 (Ric Flair, Dean Ambrose, League of Nations, New Day)


1 – Sheamus looks a little like Daken, son of Wolverine with his hair slicked back. The resemblance to anything remotely cool or interesting ends there.

2 – Ziggler vs Breeze was entertaining, and it’s good to see Tyler getting some decent airtime on the main show. The chances of Dolph getting a title shot, however, seem increasingly remote.

3 – Miz TV + Rusev = fast forward

4 – Ryback put on an above average (for him) performance against Rusev, right up until the count out due to a Lana injury

5 – Holy shit, Tommy Dreamer is on Raw. And he gets to cane Braun Strowman! And then get the crap beaten out of him, which is what Dreamer does best.

6 – While it’s always nice to see Goldust, his match against ADR was as meaningless as anything Del Rio has done since returning to WWE.

7 – Lucha Dragons vs Usos was spotty fun, but New Day are as bad as any guest commentators, in that they distract from the in ring action and don’t really add anything to the match

8 – Hey, Sasha Banks got a whole six minutes to showcase her talents! Of course, she was booked against Brie Bella, but the thought is nice…

9 – Sheamus vs Reigns; five minutes and fifteen seconds of mediocrity, proudly brought to you by Raw… until Reigns is screwed over by the League of Nations, named after a group that were absolutely useless. Beats the European Ultras, I suppose.

10 – Charlotte vs Becky Lynch looked like it was given time to build, before being cruelly cut short via feigned injury and Nature Boy interference. Is it too much to ask to have a decent Divas match on Raw?

11 – The 11 man tag was fine for what it was, but suffered from the same issues that plague the 6 man matches every other week, trying to advance multiple rivalries and never really giving individuals a chance to shine (with the possible exception of Ambrose). Why are New Day in the League of Nations? I thought they were doing quite well on their own…

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