Forever Heel: State of Heels Wyatts, Rusev, Sheamus, and Dolph

Hey jerks, how was your Thanksgiving? I don’t care, clown. Let’s get to the comments.

1) Firing Brad Maddox was bullshit. Why wasn’t he just suspected? He has far too much talent to be fired. The guy is walking heel charisma. He’s what I wish Miz had. He’ll be back. WWE overreacted on this.

2) Why does the Wyatt Family follow Bray? He must really brainwash him because all Bray does is start shit with guys that end up kicking his ass. This is one of those times that I believe WWE has fucked up booking a guy.

3)It was good to see Breeze on the main roster, but is he just going to be Adam Rose and be off tv by King of the Ring (if that’s a thing again)? I’d like to see him win KotR, and not call himself King Breeze, just win. Hopefully by then he will have been away from Ziggler and Summer Rae. Ziggler ‘s Rusev fued was pretty toxic, and dropping Breeze in there was bullshit. Why wasn’t he allowed to just injure Ziggler, so Dolph could recover from his Rusev run? Seriously Dolph is not cool anymore.

4) If Charlotte is going to stay face, then keep her away from Paige and Sasha Banks until Flair can build up her face heat. …just make Charlotte heel? Yeah that’ll fix this.

5) New Day continues to be the greatest tag team in history. I’m not looking forward to them feuding with the stupid Usos though. Did the Usos decide to do the island boy gimmick, or was that WWE’s call? Rosey is the only one that never had to bring up his Samoaness. Seriously though New Day is the best. The LOD and Steiners were okay, but if they utilized Unicorn Magic instead of massive amounts of steroids, they’d be champs today.

6) I’m still not big on Swagger feuding with ADR. I’d rather Swagger just show up as a heel away from Zeb and Alberto. Swagger could be used to beat up Kane. Oh excuse me, “Demon Kane”. If Kane is the Devil’s favorite demon, it proves that Hell is run by a total dipshit.

7) I’m sorry Kane fans, he’s always been a big lumbering idiot to me. From 2000-2005 one of his signature moves was walking around to fill time.

8) Congrats idiots, we’re getting a Goldust Vs Stardust fued. I’m actually for this, we’ve had matches before (Fast Lane, earlier this year?), but I’d like to see them do a falls count anywhere match at Mania. I’d also like to see the Assention not be complete dorks.

9) I’m hoping the Authority includes Rusev (quietly w/ Lana), Barrett, and Shaemus. I say Lana is better with Rusev because WWE doesn’t need to split up every tag team and couple. Also to Vince Russo, Sable was a stupid idea. Lana doesn’t want to wrestle, and WWE has been drowning us in awkward blond chicks since…well 1985.

10) Shaemus is a good choice to me. He’s an Irishman that actually deserves to have a WWE belt. I’m hoping Shaemus is going to be a different kind of Authority champ. I was getting tired of Seth being booked as the henchman that’s holding Triple H’s belt. I can’t be too mad because booking a paper champ heel needs more buildup, and Seth was coming into his own. The problem is that before Seth was the paper champ, Orton was. Orton and Seth were booked the exact same way. I also think a paper champ heel needs to cheat to win in the beginning, not fight fair because you pissoff the boss that just chose you to be his paper champ.

Sheamus needs to be more like Corprate (1998-99) Rock. Steph and Hunter need to be worried about Sheamus losing his belt, not just getting pissed and putting him in a match with Cena.

Top IWC Advice to Yong Talent

5) Respect pro-wrestling

4) Old timers won’t steer you wrong. You can trust Bruce Hart

3) Holding a fake belt is worth more than having a retirement and being remembered. Ask how great Dynamite Kid’s life is compared to Santino’s.

2) If you work hard and bust your ass, WWE will make you a champ because pro-wrestling a competitive sport, not an entertainment medium.

1) John Cena is a dick because he never told Vince, “No Vince, I’m laying down for Bray dammit.”