Mick Foley Shockingly “Sticking Around” As a WWE Fan… “For Now”

Despite declaring that he might in fact be done as a WWE fan, Mick Foley has somehow been convinced by this week’s Raw to stay around. SHOCKING.

Here is his latest blog from Facebook:

STICKING AROUND…at least for now

Yes, I was seriously contemplating taking WWE off of my viewing schedule.

At the end of last week’s post, I mentioned that I needed the company give me a reason to keep watching. Last night, they DID give me a few reasons. Here they are:

1) By allowing her to enter to her own music, and wear her #LegitBoss shirt, I received my first indication that the company may allow Sasha Banks to spread her wings, and fly.

2) I REALLY liked Charlotte’s subtle heel mannerisms, and slightly condescending tone toward Becky Lynch. Becky is an amazing talent, just looking for some character direction – and I think she may have found some of that last night.

3) I really thought that in the wake of last weeks disappointing ratings, that we would see a very Authority-heavy show. Remember Christopher Walken on Saturday Night Live – when his prescription for everything was “more cowbell”? That’s what I foresaw for last night’S WWE Raw – with “Authority” being the new cowbell. Instead, we saw the origin of a new faction, which could prove to be quite effective over time – the birth of The League of Nations.
Was it a perfect show? No. But I found it to be an enjoyable one – that didn’t make me feel penalized for being a wrestling fan. Sure, I want to see more Cesaro, Owens, etc – but WWE gave me enough to keep me around…at least for a while.
How did YOU feel about #RAW?

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