Forbes’ Donald Wood On Why The Current Reigns Push Will Fail

Last week, Forbes’ Albred Konuwa explained why Sheamus as Champion was “good for business” and would help reigns in becoming the face of WWE. This week, his colleague Donald Wood explains why that won’t work:

“Winning the championship at Survivor Series—only to have it ripped away by The Authority-backed Sheamus—is almost identical to how the company booked the quintessential underdog Bryan at WrestleMania 30. With WWE trying to follow a similar pattern for Reigns, a portion of the WWE Universe is having trouble supporting a Superstar who is being positioned as the next Cena, while still being portrayed as Bryan.

It’s hard to take Reigns serious as an underdog when he has a track record similar to the ultimate Superman, Cena. Since making his main roster debut in November 2012, Reigns has only lost 17 singles matches.”

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