Former WWE Ref Says Ric Flair’s Presence Hampers Charlotte’s Career

Jimmy Korderas, former WWE referee of over 20 years, blogged on about the dynamics of being a 2nd or 3rd generation star and how Ric Flair’s constant presence hampers Charlotte’s progression:

“You might think that these offspring have an advantage over others that do not have a legendary parent who was a major star in the wrestling business. This may be true in the sense that it gives them a high profile advocate to at least get them their foot in the door, looked at and put them on the radar. It does not automatically guarantee them a place in the company. Once that foot is in the door, they have to earn their own way. However, there is a debate as to whether being the son or daughter of a legend is a blessing or a curse. You can find examples both positive and negative, past and present.

Currently, there is one 2nd generation Diva that has some pretty big shoes to fill. Of course I am referring to WWE Divas champion Charlotte. When your father is the 16 times World Heavyweight Champ and two time Hall of Famer Ric Flair, the eyes of the wrestling world will undoubtedly be focused on you. Expectations are understandably lofty but sometimes unrealistic. In the case of Charlotte specifically, the bar has been set high. Unfortunately for her, having her father “managing” her career and accompanying her to the ring for matches while remaining at ringside casts a huge shadow that may prove to be extremely difficult for Charlotte to emerge from.


In my tenure with the WWE, I have had the great pleasure of working with the legendary Nature Boy. I immediately understood what made Ric so special to not only the fans but everyone who worked with him. When Ric enters a room, any room, he is automatically the center of attention. When he walks that aisle, all eyes in the arena are on him. Even backstage at WWE events, Ric garners more attention than everyone else present except for maybe Vince McMahon and even then it’s a close race. How can Charlotte compete with that kind of star power?

I do not for one minute believe that Ric Flair is trying to “hog the spotlight” from his daughter. Flair loves the bright lights and being in front of the fans but he loves his daughter much more. In fact, I truly believe he is conflicted because he wants to be there for Charlotte but in his mind knows that every time he appears with her, she takes a back seat and Ric becomes the focal point. Ric Flair is unwittingly hampering his daughter’s ability to evolve in the WWE.”

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