JR Blog: Mick Foley’s WWE Criticism, Wrestling Industry in “Challenging Time”, Puts Over Tommy Dreamer, Shoots Down TNA Rumors


Jim Ross had a new blog following Raw this week, here are some highlights.

on Mick Foley
Getting lots so of questions regarding Mick Foley’s recent comments on his Facebook account. Not sure what folks are looking for from me. I can only be honest. I love Mick like family, I really do. Mick is SO passionate about a variety of things which I find amazingly admirable. Mick loves WWE, the company that helped him earn a great deal of wealth and he’s simply telling us how he feels about the ‘home team.’ I sincerely respect Mick’s opinion whether I agree with him or not. For the most part, however, I do agree with him inasmuch as WWE talents need to be allowed to be more of themselves and not what someone in creative perceive them to be. I also agree, and have said it here many times, that 50-50 booking needs to disappear. It helps no one. How could it? Bottom line is Mick Foley is a good, decent man who is merely expressing himself and I hope those that should be listening are doing so.

on the pro wrestling business is going through a challenging time
Here’s a cold hard fact…the pro wrestling business is going through a challenging time and one of the reasons is and always will be creative but is isn’t the only reason. Talents need to look in the mirror, too. Change your game….expand what you do….known your role….add to your repertoire…study the game and never take your eye off the prize of being better today than you were yesterday in all areas of your life.

on Tommy Dreamer with the Dudley Boyz
Biggest highlight for me on Monday Night RAW was the booking of Tommy Dreamer with the Dudley Boyz. Loved it. It’s always good to see ‘Big Beefy’ whose House of Hardcore is a growing brand.

on JR to TNA
Whoever started the ‘JR to TNA’ rumors must have WAY too much time on their hands. Last I looked Josh Mathews and The Pope were handling the announcing on TNA just fine. Plus, isn’t the stellar Mike Tenay still on TNA’s payroll?

Check out the full blog at JR’s BBQ

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