Mick Foley Speaks Out On Stepahanie McMahon, Roman Reigns, Scripting Promos, Character Presentation

– Mick Foley recently appeared on The Steve Austin Show and spoke about his issues with the WWE product.

On His Issues With Watching Raw: “I came to appreciate the time I was spending with the kids [watching RAW] and it’s kind of a no-brainer if it’s Monday night and I’m home that that’s where I’ll be for three hours every Monday night. But my 12 year old falls asleep [at] about nine [o’clock]. My 14 year old has lost interest,” Foley explained. “I don’t necessarily need to watch the show just for the sake of watching the show and I realized the show is not depressing me. It’s frustrating me. When I realized I was on the verge of not watching, I just thought that I could be indicative of what could be hundreds of thousands of other people who were on the fence, like, who hadn’t been happy about the show for a while, but were watching it because that was their pattern and that’s what they did.”

On Issues With Character Presentation: “I’ve always liked Stephanie, I’ve always thought the world of her, and I see this person who does great things for Be a STAR [and] for Connor’s Cure, and it confuses people. It’s hard to really dislike this guy who [has] kind of built NXT from the ground up. It’s hard to really dislike Stephanie. And I hope that’s not nitpicky.” Foley continued, “now you’re in a position where the strong personalities are not on the marquee for the house shows or the main events. And that’s my worry, that they’re going to double down with the Authority and I’m not sure that’s what people want to see.”

On Roman Reigns: “I believe that Roman Reigns as part of the Authority would take off. I think that’s what that character really could have used.” Foley added, “they’re kind of putting [Reigns] in that Steve Austin role and not everybody can pull that off.”

On Scripting The Product: “When you script things, you do take away, like, the chances of disasters.” Foley continued, “but at the same time, when you try to eliminate disasters and you try to eliminate chances of guys like me and The Rock [going] 14 minutes over time, [turning] a 12-minute segment into 26, you also take away that likelihood, or the chance, the possibility, that something really special will take place out there.”

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